PLEASE NOTE: Temporary CHANGE in viewing the morning announcements:
Immediately after the TARDY BELL...Please listen to the PA system and wait for an introduction to view the announcements.

When prompted, please CLICK on this NEW LINK to watch a recording of the announcements today:

WEDNESDAY - March 21st Announcements

We will follow up with another PA announcement to continue with the daily EXAM as we have done in the past.
Thank you.

MORNING ROUTINE: Students arrive and begin homeroom activities, 
sign up for lunch, turn in papers & notes for the office, and begin the EXAMEN.

8:15 A.M. SIGN IN as channel opens in preparation to view the STL LIVESTREAM *(See below for details.)

Click on the link and wait for the LIVESTREAM to begin...



The livestream will begin after the TARDY BELL-viewers should be signed in to the channel.

(Livestream takes place during this time.)

8:30 A.M. PA Announcement at school to complete the  EXAMEN as a school community and pray the OUR FATHER together before the 8:31 AM bell.

*NOTE: Below you will find directions to PREPARE to watch the LIVEstreamed Morning Announcements.

1. If the STL LIVESTREAM has NOT started, you will see

a small white banner at the top of the page like the image below:

(You may also see a video about TouchCast when the Channel is not in session.)

2. When the Channel is open for the day,
you see a window like the image below:
When this image appears, you can enter your

NAME and EMAIL ADDRESS and wait for the livestream to start.

You don’t need to put your full name.  Last name is sufficient.)

IF STREAM IS PAUSED-WAIT. It will restart.


(You may be required to enter your NAME and EMAIL again.)

If there are any issues with connectivity we will read announcements over the PA System.
Thank you.


Please say the PRAYER for FIRST FRIDAY DEVOTION in your homeroom on First Fridays of the month before the all school Mass.


Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, on the day dedicated to honor you, we pledge ourselves anew to honor and serve you with our whole heart. Help us to live our daily lives in a spirit of true concern for others and deep gratitude to You and to all through whom You love and serve us.

In the midst of all our trials and tribulations, we will remember that You are always with us, as you were with the Apostles when their boat was tossed into the storm. We renew our faith and confidence in you.

We will never doubt that You are our friend, living within us always, walking beside us when courage fails, enlightening us when doubts cloud our vision of faith, protecting us against the assiduous lies and deceptions of the evil one.

Lord Jesus, bless each and every one of us, our families, our parish, our diocese, our country, and our entire world. Bless our jobs, our undertakings, our entertainments; may they always proceed from your inspiration.

In all that we do and say, may we be only channels of the love of Your Sacred Heart for all the people whom you bring within our reach to receive Your love through us. Comfort those who are sick (Mention Names); those who are suffering in their hearts or mind; those who have burdens and are breaking under them (Mention Name).

These two things, most especially, we ask of you today; to know intimately and love all that Your Sacred Heart loves, to imbibe the attitude of Your Sacred Heart and to express them in our lives.

Finally, we pray that our confidence in You may grow more and more genuine, day by day and our devotion to the designs of the Sacred Heart, more and more committed. 


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