Our Teachers

Kokusai I ...Ms. Sudo (須藤先生)

Ms. Sudo, from Yokohama Japan, earned her Bachelor of Social Work at Lindenwood University. She has excellent communication skills, having traveled to many countries in the past decade. She says, “I truly understand that learning another language is challenging and requires much effort. I am excited to be in a position to utilize my experience to help students improve their Japanese. I would like my students to explore Japanese culture and have a fun experience.” 

Kokusai II ... Ms. Salini (サリーニ先生)

Ms. Salini came to the United States in 2010. For 9 years prior, she taught Japanese to students from a variety of countries with different backgrounds at The International Language Schools in Tokyo, Japan. She also taught Japanese to individuals who relocated to Japan at Fujitsu Ltd. and other companies for several years. Ms. Salini is an Authorized Teacher by Japanese Language Teaching Competency Test.