International Class


St. Louis Nihongo Kyoshitsu

(St. Louis Japanese Language School)

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                                                                     International Classes


Regular Classes (Kinder ~ 9th grades )

St. Louis Nihongo Kyoshitsu is a non-profit organization that focuses on teaching Japanese children Japanese, Math, Culture, History and Geography.  The curriculum follows guidelines specified by the Japanese Ministry of Education and Science.  It is operated by the parents of students who attend the regular classes and supported by the Japanese Foreign Ministry, the Ministry of Education, the Japanese Chamber of Commerce of St. Louis, and the Japan America Society of St. Louis.  

International Classes (Kokusai I and II)

The purpose of the International classes of St. Louis Nihongo Kyoshitsu is to open the door not only to young students, but also to individuals becoming familiar with the Japanese language and the culture.

The curriculum is basic conversation and reading and writing basic Japanese characters.  Students will also learn about Japanese traditions and customs by participating in various activities, such as New Year’s Celebration, Field Day, the Japanese Festival at the Botanical Garden, and writing an essay for an annual school year book. 


Kokusai I    (Children’s class) 8 years old ~ 18 years old as of April 1st

Kokusai II   (Individual’s class) Over 18 years old as of April 1st

Class Course:      Beginning            8:30  AM    -     9:40  AM

 Intermediate        9:45  AM    -    10:55  AM

 Advanced           11:00  AM   -    12:10  PM        

 Introductory        12:20  PM   -     1:30  PM

                                        • Placement determined by a teacher’s interview. 
                                        • Classes are changeable due to student’s enrollment number.
                                        • Times of classes may switch with other class times.

Semesters:            1st Semester: April – August (summer vacation is July and the middle of August)

         2nd Semester: September – December

         3rd Semester: January – March

                                        • Classes meet every Saturday.
                                        • The academic year has 42~44 lessons per year
                                        • The school year follows the Japanese school year


    Tuition:                 Kokusai I         Deposit $50,   Initial fee $50,   tuition per month $45

                               Kokusai II Deposit $50,   Initial fee $50,   tuition per month $60

               * College student’s discount with valid ID $45


                                            • Tuition will be paid at every semester
                                             Deposit will be returned during time of withdraw if tuition is paid in full
                                             Tuition will be charged during the absent month(s)
                                             Text book is not included in tuition                                   

    Updated: 2/9/2015