Mr. Kraft

    Welcome parents and students! If you're looking for information about our physical education program @ St. Linus School then you're in the right spot. My name is Mr. Kraft and this is my 4th year as the Physical Education teacher & athletic director here at St. Linus School. I also work as a certified driver education instructor for Top Driver Driving School in Tinley Park. Prior to coming to St. Linus I was a substitute teacher for 5 years throughout multiple school districts in Bolingbrook, Naperville, and La Grange. I received my Bachelor’s Degree from Southern Illinois University of Carbondale in 2009.
    As your son or daughter may tell you, this is not your average "gym" class and my name is not "Jim Teacher." We take "physical education" quite seriously at St. Linus and we do our very best to maximize the time we have together (40 minutes / twice a week). Each student will be held accountable for their participation and individual effort. We don't have pass/fail grading system for our class.  I believe it's necessary to have a letter grade system and that the final grade should positively impact a student's overall GPA.
    We have a number of unique sports/activities at St. Linus that other schools in the area are unlikely to offer: eclipse ball, fitness testing, lacrosse, and ultimate frisbee to name a few. I'm confident your son/daughter will enjoy our physical education program and learn to value the importance of physical activity and all of its wonderful benefits. Please check out the videos below and all items on the navigation bar to the left to stay updated on what we're doing in clas