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Saint Linus Preschool offers a developmentally appropriate curriculum, focusing on a thematic approach.  Each week we delve into a new theme that corresponds with a different letter of the alphabet.  Incorporating themes into the curriculum allows the children to learn while having fun with their imaginations.  The 3 and 4 year old preschool classes both work on the same theme and same letter each week, however the projects, activities, and work time will differ with the age level.  The 3 year old preschool puts emphasis on more basic concepts, while the 4 year old preschool goes further into learning the letter, letter sounds, printing, and math concepts.  Our preschool program a classroom set of 10 mini iPads and Bright link interactive projectors for use with whole class interactive group lessons.

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Mrs. Tracy Keane ~ 3 Year Old Preschool Teacher
Mrs. Kathy McKillop ~ 3/4 Year Old Preschool Teacher
Mrs. Carol Dougherty ~ 4 Year Old Preschool Teacher