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May 16

posted May 16, 2019, 5:24 AM by Carol Minarik

Good morning!
    Today is the big day!  Puberty class for the fifth graders!  The University of Illinois Heath Professionals will be here today and tomorrow to teach a class to the girls and the boys about their bodies and the changes that they will go through.
     I cannot believe it is almost the end of the school year.  It flew by- and I totally enjoyed having your children this year!!! Have a great weekend.  Make sure you get your House of Hawks tickets.  They can be bought in school!!

Easter is almost here!!

posted Apr 16, 2019, 11:42 AM by Carol Minarik

Dear Parents,
    Enjoy your Easter vacation- hope the weather is wonderful!
         May 10, 2019- Dare Graduation at 1:00 in the Church.  More info after spring vacation.
         May 16 & May 17- Puberty class with the Illinois Department of Health.  They will come to speak to the boys and girls separately these two days. 
          Field trip to Little Red Schoolhouse- June 5, 2019.  More info to follow.
     As you can see, we have a busy schedule after Easter.  We will also be going to Arena Bowl for our Dare Field Trip.  nOt sure of dates yet.
       Have a great 11 days off!

Spring is here!

posted Mar 22, 2019, 6:16 AM by Carol Minarik

    Please look over your child's Aspire packet that will be sent home this weekend.  We will go over it on Monday, butit is a great way to prepare for the Aspire Test starting on April 1, 2019.
 We have done 3 , and I will sent them home next week so you can look over them with your child.
       Social Studies- we are starting a new unit on continuation of the American Revolution, and the end of the war.  I will show many videos aboout the important battles and the influential people of this time. Students have study guides to help them with their test.
       Religion- we are continuing the preparation for Easter by learning about Lent and the Holy Week.
       Reading- we are finishing up the 4th unit in Reading on Adaptations.  Test is Monday on "The Gymnast".  Spelling words this week have negative prefixes.
        English- we are working on a unit on Sentences.
       4th gr. Religion- we are also working on preparation for Easter.
       4th gr. Social Studies- we are working on a unit on the Southwest people who made this region of the United States grow.
      Have a great weekend!  Pray for warmer weather!!

March is here!!

posted Mar 11, 2019, 1:37 PM by Carol Minarik

Happy Daylight Savings Time!  
    Glad to see the daylight until 7:00 today, makes me happy.
  Tests coming up-
      English- Test on Chapter 6 on Conjunctions, Prepositions, and Interjections on Wednesday, March 13.
      RELIGION-   Unit 3 Test-  This week-  Students will be able to use their books for this one.
   4th grade- Social Studies Test on Thursday, March 14.

      DARE ESSAY IS DUE ON MARCH 22, 2019.   Officer Schmidt will be picking them up on that Friday, and the students will read them in class.

     Thank you for reading this- Conferences for those who were asked to come on Thursday, so students will be dismissed at 11:30. Friday will be off. 

February 12, 2019

posted Feb 12, 2019, 11:48 AM by Carol Minarik

Happy Birthday Abraham Lincoln!
    Don't forget- the students are off on Friday, February 15, and Monday February 18 to celebrate President's Day.   Enjoy the weekend!
    Social Studies- we are just finishing up a chapter on establishing colonies in the New World and the fighting for land between the Native Americans and the British.  Our test on Chapter 7 will be tomorrow, February 13.
     Religion- we are studying the "Eucharist" and the Communion of Saints- Chapter 11.
      English- we are learning about adverbs and their degrees. 
      Reading- we just started a new book- Unit 4- Adapting-  The story "Weslandia" is a fictional tale about a young boy who creates his own civilization.  The children are enjoying this story.
      Spelling- the list of words are quite difficult, so they need to study and practice them.  There are many activities on Pearson Realize to help them learn the words.
       4th grade- Social Studies- we are finishing up a chapter on the people who helped settle the Midwest.
         Religion-  We are finishing up the 3rd Unit- and will be starting Chapter 13 on Sacraments on Thursday. 
     If there are any questions, don't hesitate to email me at


posted Jan 18, 2019, 6:39 AM by Carol Minarik

   Welcome back!
      We are starting off the 2019 with a bang!  Lots of things coming up.  Book Report will be due on February 8, 2019.  They may use the same book that they are doing a report on in Library.  I sent home the form last Friday.  It is in an outline form.
      Next Sunday, January 27 is Open House and the beginning of Catholic Schools Week.  Many activities are planned for the week. Information will follow.
      Monday is Martin Luther King Day, which is a national holiday, and we are off.  Enjoy the snow that day!!
          I hope you are able to access the Reading series online.  PearsonRealize is the site.  The children know it.  There are many activites that can be done at home.
          Social Studies- the fifth graders are learning about life in Colonial Times.
                                  - the fourth graders are learning about the Midwest Region.
         Religion- Fifth graders are focusing on the Eucharist.
                         Fourth graders are focusing on the Newest Commandment.
          English- we are working on a chapter on Verbs and their tenses.
          Writing- we are learning about Persuasive Writing.
      Have a wonderful 3 day weekend!!

Merry Christmas!!

posted Dec 21, 2018, 5:29 AM by Carol Minarik

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
      Have a wonderful and relaxing holiday season with your families. I will see your children in the new year.  We have had an awesome year so far, and I hope to make the rest of fifth grade memorable.  
      There will be a book report in the new year, and it may be any genre the children choose.  It must be at least 150 pages, and no comic books.  More info in January. Thanks for all your help and concern with your children. I will enjoy seeing my 5 grandchildren in the coming weeks!

November 26, 2018

posted Nov 26, 2018, 12:56 PM by Carol Minarik

Good Afternoon!
   It was wonderful meeting with you on Conference day, last Tuesday.  Hope you had a great Thanksgiving!
     Book Report-  The students should read a biography of their choice. They got the forms today, which will be due on December 14, 2018.  The book should have about 150 pages, but some have a little less, that's ok.
     Social Studies- we are starting a new chapter on building the colonies in the U.S. 
     Religion- we are working on a chapter on Confirmation and Baptism.
     Reading- we are finishing up the poem "The Midnight Ride of Paul Revere".  The test for this story will be on Wednesday.  The Spelling test will also be Wednesday.
     English- we just started the chapter on Adjectives.
     4th grade Social Studies- we are beginning to learn about the Southeast Region. There will be a lot of map work with this unit.
     4th grade Religion- we are starting a chapter on The Pentecost, and the Holy Spirit.


posted Nov 6, 2018, 9:08 AM by Carol Minarik

Good Morning!
     We are nearing the end of the first Trimester this week.  Any missing assignments must be turned in by Friday morning.
      Starting with the 2nd trimester on November 12, late assignments will be highly discouraged.  I will accept a late assignment one day after it's due, and take 10 points off.  After that, it will not be accepted, except for absences. I am trying to get the fifth graders ready for middle school, and become more responsible for their own work.  I suggest one Take-home folder to put homework in, and put back in after it is finished.  It will be much easier to keep track of it that way.  
      In Social Studies, the fifth graders will be doing an Explorer report on a form I will give them today.  It will be due on Friday, November16.
      Religion- we are working on the sacraments of Initiation- Baptism and Confirmation. I will also be giving them a User name and Password for the Religion book.
      Reading- we are working on a unit on taking risks.  Please access your child's PearsonRealize account.  They know their user name and password.  It has the complete book online and activities that can help them with tests.
      English- we are working on part 2 of the pronoun section in the English book.  There is also a website- Voyages in English- which has activities to help them with concepts.
       4th graders are learning about early times in the colonies and about the Declaration of Independence.  We have a Quick Study Guide which can help to study for tests.
       4th grade Religion- we are learning about justice using the parable The Workers in the Vineyard.
       Have a great day!  Don't forget the Turkey Trot!!

October 15, 2018

posted Oct 15, 2018, 8:50 AM by Carol Minarik

Good Morning!
    We are starting a new unit in Reading on" Doing the Right Thing".All of the stories in this unit deal with choosing the right thing.
     Religion- we are finishing up a Chapter on Sacramentals. The test will be this week.
     Social Studies- we are studying about the early Indian tribes and their traditions.  We are making Hopi masks to display in the hall.
      English- we are on Chapter 2 on Pronouns.  
      Writing- we now have all of our writing folders and will be doing impromptu writing each week.
      4th Grade-
        Religion- we will be having a test on Chapter 5-Jesus- the Image of God.
       Social Studies- we will begin studying the Regions of the U.S. beginning with the Northeast.
      Don't forget the 5K on November 10!
      Keep the Panos family in your prayers.
        Enjoy this cool weather!

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