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January- 2018

posted Jan 12, 2018, 1:31 PM by Carol Minarik

  Welcome back to school- 2018!
      This week flew by, we are very busy with all of our subjects.
        Social Studies- 5th grade is starting a new Unit on Colonial Times. It's a great unit chock full of interesting facts about our early colonists.
         Social Studies-4th grade-  we just had our Chapter 6 Test today, and the students did quite well.  We will be starting Chapter 7 on the Southeast people and events that shaped our country.
          Religion- 5th grade is larning about our faith, with focus on the Apostles Creed.
          Religion- 4th grade- We are working on the sacrament of Confirmation, and the Gifts of the Holy Spirit.
         Reading- 5th grade- we will be having our test on Tuesday on "Leonardo's Horse", and the spelling test on the compound words.
         English- we have just finiished part one of the chapter on Verbs, and will have our test on Tuesday.
                      We are also writing stories and illustrating them, which are due on Monday.
        We will be going on a Field Trip in February with the 4th grade.  More info to follow next week.
           Have a wonderful Martin Luther King holiday!

Happy Thanksgiving

posted Nov 21, 2017, 1:15 PM by Carol Minarik

It's hard to believe that it's already Thanksgiving!
     4th grade- Social Studies - students have a report on one of the Iroquois Confederacy tribes due next week, November 29.
      5th grade- Social Studies- students just finished the fourth chapter and took their test today.  Next week we will start a chapter on Colonial Times in North America.
      Religion-  both grades are studying about the sacrament of Baptism and Confirmation.
      Reading- 5th grade just finished reading "The Chi'lin Purse" and took the test today, along with the Spelling test.  
       English- we are working on a chapter on Adjectives. 
       Writing- we are starting to use writing prompts to help students express themselves in a bett4er and more fluent way.
        Dare- Officer Cummings is coming on Fridays at 1:30.  The children really enjoy this class with him, but are learning about peer pressure and all that it entails.
       Snacks- please send a healthy snack for your child (preferably fruit or veggies)  The children really look forward to having a "working snack" each day.
        Hearing permission forms went home, and need to be returned.  If you returned yours, please ignore this.
       Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!

November News

posted Nov 2, 2017, 1:40 PM by Carol Minarik

  Good Afternoon!
      TIme is flying by-  Just a few reminders for this month-
       BOOK REPORTS are due on November 17 for fifth graders.  The book should be a biography.  It is a Puzzle Book Report, which they have to fill in. 
       Social Studies Report-  Students picked an explorer to do their report on today.  I have given them a 6 page form to fill out on their explorer.  If they are writing it, it shoulde be in black pen.  It is due on November 13.

       The first trimester is almost over- Report cards will follow. Please check your child's Powerschool for their current grades, and any missing work.  Work that is turned in late will have 10 points taken off, unless they are absent. This is our month to say prayers on the PA, so if it is your child's turn, please have them here by 7:55.  Thank you!


October 19

posted Oct 19, 2017, 2:17 PM by Carol Minarik

Good afternoon!
    Well, we are busy working hard on our Social Studies and Religion with both 4th and 5th graders.
      4th- grade- we are finishing up Chapter on Transportation and Communication.  We learned about needs and wants, and producers and consumers.  We will be having the test on Ch. 3 next week.  Make sure your student has their Quick Study Guide with them to help them with the tests.
      5th Grade- we are finishing up Chapter 3 on Life in the Eastern Hemisphere.  We do definitions with each lesson and the Quick Study guide.  It will help them with their test. We should be finishing up the chapter next week, with the test following.  I will give the students at least a 3 day notice for the test date.
          Religion- 4th grade-  We just had our test on Chapter 5 on "Jesus the Image of God".  We will start Chapter 6 tomorrow on Baptism.
          5th grade-  we just took our teswt on Chapter 4 and did the Unit 1 Review in the book today. Tomorrow, they will work on the Unit 1 Review.  They will be able to use their books for this.  On Monday, we will begin Chapter 5- Baptism.

          Reading- we just had our test on "Ten Mile Day" and the Spelling Test.  We are working on the review of the first unit.  We will take the Benchmark test on Monday at the Computer Lab.
           English- we are working on Pronouns.  The children have been given many ways to remember them- videos, worksheets and the workbook.  There will be a test on the first 5 lessons of Chapter 2 next week. Also, ABCya is a great interactive game to practice their grammar.
           Writing- we are working on Personal Narratives. They have written rough drafts, and next we will wirte them on good paper.
             DARE-  The DARE progrqam started last Friday, October 13.  Officer Jim Cummings is the instructor.  The children love this program.  Please send back the permoission form if you have not already done so.
            Progress Reports went home on Friday.  I hope everyone has been able to access their Power school site, and view their child's grades as often as they like.  
            Snacks- I qam allowing the students to have a working snack, to give them more energy aroung 10:00am.  Please send a healthy snack- fruit, veggies, goldfish, yogurt, nuts, etc.  Thank you!  Have a great week, and soon weekend!!

Voyages in English games

posted Sep 25, 2017, 1:18 PM by Carol Minarik   [ updated Sep 25, 2017, 1:28 PM ]

      You can go to this web page and play English games for 5th grade.

September 22, 2017

posted Sep 22, 2017, 8:17 AM by Carol Minarik

  Welcome to another steamy day of Fall!
     We are in a good routine- children know what is expected of them, and things are going well.
        Religion- 4th grade- we are studying the Ten Commandments.  We will probably have our test next week.  I will let the children know on Monday which day that will be.
        Social Studies- 4th grade-  the children received a small project that will be due on October 1.  They seemed pretty excited about it.  If they need construction paper, I have some that they can use.  They should have a list of 6 different options of projects that they can do. Also, please remind them to keep their Quick Study with them in a folder or somewhere safe.  It has definitions, and a short summary of the Unit that is convered.  I usually let them use it during a test in the beginning of the year to help them with some of the important concepts.
         Religion- 5th grade- we are studying Chapter 2.  We will have a review on Monday, and a test on Tuesday.
          -Social Studies- 5th grade- we are starting Chapter 2 on Native Americans of North America.  We designed pottery, drew some of their cultures, and are learning of the different tribes. Please remind them to keep their Quick Study up to date, and with them.  I let them use them during the test in the beginning of the year, since there are so many concepts that are tested.
           Reading- 5th grade- we are reading a story "Island of the Blue Dolphin".  There are many concepts included in this story.  Hopefully, everyone was able to log into their Pearson Realize account. I gave the students their user name and password.  Everyone's password is reading05.
  This way you can access the book and activities to do with each story.
          English- we are in the middle of chapter 1 on nouns, indirect objects, direct objects, objects of the preposition, nouns in direct address, etc.  We will have a test on the second half of this chapter when we are finished.  I am going very slowly to make sure they have a good understanding of nouns.
         Writing-  I am using the 6 traits of writing with them, along with our English book.  We will be writing personal narratives soon.
       Well, enjoy the day!!

September 8, 2017

posted Sep 8, 2017, 8:22 AM by Carol Minarik

Homecoming Week
      Homecoming week is coming to an end.  We are still very busy, but I am giving the students ample time in class to finish their work.
       Reading=- we are starting our secnd story- Thunder Rose- which is a tall tale.  We will be writing tall tales next week. We usually have a test on their story every 7 days.  Workbook pages that are especially dedicated to the Spelling words will be graded as a spelling grade.
        S. Studies 5th grade- we are starting Unit 1 on Early Civilization.
                          4th grade- we are going to start the Northeast Region of the U.S.
        Religion- 5th grade- we are goin to finish the first chapter and will have a test next week.
                        4th grade- we are starting Chapter 2 on Praise and Thanksgiving.
        English- we just had our first English test on the first 5 lessons on Nouns.  Most of the students did very well.

       Arrow Book Club-  If you want to order Arrow Books, please make the check out to Arrow Book Club.  Thank you

     Book Report- I will be handing out a form for a book report on Monday.  They will be due on October 5.
          Enjoy the Homecoming festivities!

Full Week!!

posted Sep 1, 2017, 8:43 AM by Carol Minarik

  September 1 already!  
     I can't believe we finished 2 weeks of school.  We are getting used to a routine of moving to another classroom for 2 subject, which is quite difficult at first. They often come back to get an assignment or book they forgot.  Hopefully by the end of Septmeber, they will be pros at switching!
    Next week, on Tuesday, we will have our first Spelling Test and "Red Kayak" test.  They are allowed to use their books to help them with the writing portion of the test.
    In Social Studies, we are just doing a preview of the book, using map skills, new vocabulary, and places in the world.
     In Religion, we are focusing on using the Bible, and finding passages by themselves.  Each child received a Bible, which they will use until 8th grade at St. Linus.
     English- we are working on the first chapter on Nouns.
     Writing- we will be using the 6 traits of writing skills, and applying it to the writing prompts in our Reading book.

Welcome Back!

posted Aug 23, 2017, 12:09 PM by Carol Minarik

   Welcome back to a new school year!
        I hope you had a wonderful summer.  There are some new and exciting changes this year.  The fourth and fifth graders will be switching classes for Math and Science, taught by Ms. Hurley, and Social Studies and Religion, taught by me.  I will also teach fifth grade Reading, Writing, Spelling and English.  
         The Special Schedule for this year is as follows:
    Monday- Art-12:30-1:10
    Tuesday- Gym- 10:21- 11:01
    Wednesday- Music- 8:52-9:32 and Spanish- 1:12-1:52
    Thursday- Computers- 9:34-10:19 and Gym-1:12-1:52
    Friday- Library- 10:21-11:01
           DARE will be scheduled later as soon as I hear from Officer Cummings.
   If you have any concerns, please feel free to contact me at

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