Sixth Grade

Sixth Grade Earth Science

Mrs. Aiken



Course goals and objectives

The science program for sixth grade provides a comprehensive study of Earth Science. The National Science Education Standards will be implemented through an inquiry approach, a focus on student learning of important concepts and skills, and emphasis on the process skills needed to further scientific inquiry with discovery activities and skills labs. The students will use scientific inquiry as they seek to understand the natural world through scientific methods.


Lined paper

Blue or black pens

Red pens

Spiral bound notebook

Students may need to provide other supplies

Students will need to maintain their supplies as they are depleted


McDougall Littell, Earth Science 2006

Homework policy

In order to have a positive experience in science, develop scientific reasoning skills and achieve success it is very important to practice the concepts and skills we cover in class. All students are, therefore expected to complete their science homework on time. We will generally review homework in class the day after it is assigned, and thus it is to the students' advantage to have their homework ready for review. If students are absent from class they are responsible for completing the homework assignments that were missed, and handing them in as stated in the school handbook.


Quizzes may be given throughout each chapter and each chapter will conclude with a test. The dates for tests will be announced. Quizzes may be “pop” or announced.


In this course a point system is employed. Each homework, classwork, quiz, test or other assessment is worth a certain number of points. Letter grades are determined by the % of total number of points possible earned.

The grading system is as follows: 30% homework/classwork, 30% quiz, and 40% test.

Grading scale

As stated in the Parent Handbook

Classroom Behavior and Course Expectations

Students are expected to

  • show respect for each other.

  • come to class prepared and ready to participate.

  • complete all assignments on time.

  • have all required materials for each class.

  • listen and be attentive.

  • take responsibility for their own learning

  • ask for help when needed

  • complete all assignments neatly and legibly.

  • use the school-wide header format for each assignment.

  • follow homeroom class rules.

Please refer to the Parent Handbook for other St. Lawrence O'Toole School policies and expectations.

Year at a glance

                Earth's Surface
      • Views of Earth today

      • Minerals

      • Rocks

      • Weathering and Soil Formation

      • Erosion and Deposition

    • The Changing Earth

      • Plate tectonics

      • Earthquakes

      • Mountains and Volcanoes

      • Views of Earth's Past

      • Natural Resources

    • Earth’s Waters

      • The Water Planet

      • Freshwater Resources

      • Ocean Systems

      • Ocean Environments

    • Earth’s Atmosphere

      • Earth's Changing Atmosphere

      • Weather Patterns

      • Weather Fronts and Storms

      • Climate and Climate Change

    • Space Science

      • Exploring Space

      • Earth, Moon and Sun

      • Our Solar System

      • Stars, Galaxies and the Universe