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Earlier Work

Phase 1 was completed in early 2004:

  1. A new Heating System.
  2. A new Sound System & Hearing Loop.
  3. New Outer Doors.
  4. Disabled Ramp & Handrails.
  5. Repositioning of the Altar & Altar Rails.

Making Plans

Following receipt of the Quinquennial Report in 2004, the Restoration Appeal Fund Committee and Parochial Church Council reviewed the work to be carried out in the medium-term and divided it into three large Projects.

Project 1 was completed in December 2005:

  1. Repair and renew the floor at the Crossing
  2. Realign the pulpit to improve sightlines between the altar and congregation.
  3. Installed lighting over the East - West public footpath through the Churchyard.
  4. Improve Fire Escape, Bridge & Footpath from Priest's Door in Chancel.
  5. Repair Rose Window.

This work has made St. Lawrence Church a much more welcoming, inclusive and comfortable place in which to worship and work.

Project 2 was completed in 2006:

  1. Re-point the stonework of the Spire and Belfry (upper part of the Tower).
  2. Replace some broken stones.
  3. Renew the lightening conductor
  4. Free up and grease the kingpin of the weathervane.
  5. Repaint the metal tie plates and clock brackets on the Tower.
  6. Install lead lined steel hoppers in the ‘lucarnes’ (openings) of Spire to catch and dispose of the water dripping from the worn head stones.

This work was paid for by funds raised again entirely from local sources.