Parish Letter

A letter from the vicar…

In the Anglican Communion we are ordained first as Deacons and then a year later we are ordained Priests, if we have fulfilled the criteria and been given the Bishop’s blessing! Our training period is called our  Curacy and we are referred to as a Curate.

In clergy circles there is a saying, ‘There is only one thing worse than being a curate, and that is having one.’

Well, as you all know, I hope, that the benefice of Warkworth and Acklington has had a Curate for the past twelve months in the form of Christine, Christine Shield, and I have to say that that old clergy saying does not ring true for me as the vicar. From my side of the partnership it has been great having Christine to work alongside. She is full of enthusiasm and has good ideas, she is genuinely committed to her ordained life and above all has a genuine love of people, so that is good for all of you!

Without doubt this year has been a steep learning curve for Christine and actually one of the steepest parts is happening right now. In the first year of being ordained a person can do much of the work of a priest but cannot celebrate Holy Communion. They cannot bless people, marry couples, nor can they give absolution. But once ordained as a priest they can do EVERYTHING.

At the moment Christine is learning how to preside at the Altar during the service of Holy Communion and she is doing very well.

So please make a note of the following dates:

Christine’s Ordination to the Priesthood will be at Newcastle Cathedral on Sunday 3rd July 2016 at 10:00am

She will preside at the Altar here at St Lawrence for the first time the following Sunday, 10th July at 9:30am, not at the usual 9:00am .

Do come and join us in this wonderful celebration. All are welcome.

As ever, Mike

June 2016