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The Careers Resource Centre, located on the top floor of the Godfrey Building, offers students a library of up to date careers and course information. Students are encouraged to visit the Centre to borrow materials and arrange a time for a personal interview with a Careers Practitioner, if required. Parents are welcome to attend these interviews. The Careers Centre also provides online resources including:
in addition to regular information sessions during the year for cadetships, traineeships, UMAT preparation, interview skills, Defence Force, etc.
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Vocational Testing

The Careers Centre has a range of vocational assessment tools, which may be used by students. These programs help students to identify interest areas and focus on particular career paths, which may be most relevant. All Year 10 students participate in an aptitude and vocational testing program in Semester 1.

Computer Programs 

The programs available to students are:
  • My Career Match  This is a personality profile tool which matches your main personality traits to possible career options.  Year 11 students will complete this in Term 4 allowing them to produce a personal Resume for part time job/scholarship applications.  Other senior students may like to undertake this profile if they are unsure of their career direction.
  • Career Voyage This is an excellent starting point to find out your vocational interests. All year 10 students complete this program in Term 1. Please see us if you are a year 11 or 12 student and would like to undertake the 20-minute online survey.
  • CourseLink This program is available on the VTAC website www.vtac.edu.au. It allows students to input their VCE studies and generate a list of eligible tertiary courses for which they can apply.

Individual Careers Appointments

The Careers Practitioners counsel all Year 12 students individually. Students may make appointments at any time of the year, usually during a study period, so as not to impinge on class time. All Year 10 students and their parents are invited to make a Careers Appointment during term 2. Year 11 students are also encouraged to make individual appointments.