Performing Arts

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Why Study Performing Arts?

Drama focuses on the creation and performance of characters, narratives and stories.  Students analyse the development of their performances, explore the actor-audience relationship and develop an understanding of dramatic elements, stagecraft and theatrical conventions appropriate to performance styles from a range of cultural contexts.  Students will develop an appreciation of drama as an art form through participation, criticism and aesthetic understanding.

Music offers students opportunities to approach the study as a performer, as a creator of music works or arrangements and as a person who studies music works from diverse and historical traditions.  Through a study of the music of others and experimentation in their own music making, students are able to demonstrate and discuss meaning in music.  Each unit of Music includes: music making, listening and aural perception, the language of music and historical, cultural and geographical contexts.

Theatre Studies focuses on the interpretation of playscripts and the production of plays from the pre-modern era to the present day.  Students apply stagecraft including acting, to study the nature, diversity and characteristics of theatre as an art form.  Knowledge and understanding of theatrical styles is developed through analysis and evaluation of their own productions and those of professional theatre practitioners.  This study provides pathways to fields such as theatre production and design, script writing and studies in theatre history. (Extracted from V.C.A.A. Study Summaries 2007-2011: Dance, Drama & Theatre Studies & VCAA Study Summary 2006-2009: Music)

PERFORMING ARTS – industry and related information Australia Council for the Arts. Ausdance – provides information on activities undertaken by the organisation to promote dance and links to youth dance companies. Australasian Piano Tuners and Technicians Association – includes information on training to become a piano tuner. Australian Music Therapy Association – includes useful downloadable brochures and a questions and answers section about music therapy. Circus Oz – includes information about activities undertaken and training available with Circus Oz. Fruit Fly School – details about joining the Fruit Fly School and going on to join the Flying Fruit Fly Circus. aMuse is a vibrant professional association for music educators. aMuse is affiliated with the Council of Professional Teaching Associations and supported by the Victorian Department of Education. Information about Stunt Performing.