Year 10 students picking their VCE Math subjects should read the advice of the SKC Math department. Download the document from the bottom of this page.

Do you enjoy or are you good at Math? (click here for the Mathematics Bullseye Poster)
Click here for a summary of the VCE Mathematics Pathways at St Kevin's College. These are recommendations from the Mathematics department. You will be advised by your year 10 math teacher in term 3 about which pathway is best for you.

Click here for a list of examples of where an interest in Math can lead you, including University Courses, TAFE courses and Apprenticeships.

Click here for more information on "What can I do with a Math Degree?"

Maths: Make your Career Count

Students often ask where Maths and Statistics can take you!  Are there jobs out there that use maths?  By clicking on the occupations below, students will certainly find out just how many jobs use Maths! Students can also
browse, or click here for a PDF booklet outlining the same 20 different Career Profiles.

Traffic Engineer                           Store Manager
Apprentice Chef                           Travel Agent
Sports Statistician                       Equine Studies
Zoo Keeper                                 Nurse
Landscape Builder                         Financial Analyst
Personal Trainer                           Forest Carbon Specialist
Meteorologist                               Hairdresser
Guitar Maker                                Where To Now?
The information below was provided by the IMVC in their Subject Selection Kit

Why Study Mathematics?

Mathematics is the study of function and pattern in number, logic, space and structure.  It provides both a framework for thinking and a means of symbolic communication that is powerful, logical, concise and precise.  It also provides a means by which people can understand and manage their environment.  Essential mathematical activities include calculating and computing, abstracting, conjecturing, proving, applying, investigating, modeling and problem posing and solving.

This study is designed to provide access to worthwhile and challenging mathematical learning in a way which takes into account the needs and aspirations of a wide range of students.  It is also designed to promote students’ awareness of the importance of mathematics in everyday life in a technological society, and confidence in making effective use of mathematical ideas, techniques and processes.

(Extracted from V.C.A.A. Study Summary: Mathematics 2006-2009)

MATHEMATICS – industry & related information Australian Mathematical Society – information for students including the relevance of mathematics, scholarship information and graduate profiles. CPA Australia – site provides details of the role and activities undertaken by CPA Australia: CSIRO Mathematical and Information Sciences – includes careers information and resources for promoting maths and statistics pathways. Department of Treasury – provides details about activities undertaken and recruitment procedures. International Centre of Excellence for Education in Mathematics – excellent downloadable resources for students and teachers including brochures, video, schools program and links to other sources of information National Institute of Accountants – information about activities undertaken by the NIA. The Society was founded in 1962 as a national "umbrella" organisation to support and further the work of state statistical societies already in existence, to establish a national journal and newsletter and to host national conferences. Institute of Mathematical Statistics.
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