Information Technology

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Why Study Information Technology?

This study focuses on the processing of data and the management of information and information systems to meet a range of individual and societal purposes.

The rapid pace of development in information and communications technology (ICT) is having a major influence on virtually all aspects of society. Not only does ICT provide the capacity to change how tasks and activities are undertaken, but it also creates new opportunities in work, study, recreation, and in relationships. Social relations and cultural values influence the way ICT is used.

Whilst we use ICT as a tool to assist with work, study, recreation and in relationships, the study of Information Technology focuses on the capacities, scope and limitations of hardware and software, and their interactions to carry out specialised applications.

With appropriate knowledge and skills, students will be equipped to make use of ICT and make informed personal and workplace choices about future developments and directions in this exciting and challenging field. Innovative approaches to the potential uses of ICT are developed, and students are encouraged to orient themselves towards the future, with an awareness of the implications of these uses.

The study of Information Technology may provide pathways to further studies in IT and to careers in ICT-based areas. It may also prepare students for programs that require either an IT-related subject or for a vast range of careers that require efficient and effective use of ICT.

(Extracted from V.C.A.A. Study Summary: Info tech 2007-2010)

INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY – industry & related information AusCERT is the national Computer Emergency Response Team for Australia and a leading CERT in the Asia/Pacific region. Australian Computer Society – provides a career portal with courses, scholarships, job descriptions and case studies. Australia Interactive Media Association. CITT is a not for profit, national company, whose core business is to promote and facilitate training and employment opportunities within the Telecommunications and IT industries. Multimedia Victoria (MMV) works to grow the ICT sector, and drive economic growth through access to and use of sophisticated ICT. Part of the Department of Innovation, Industry and Regional Development, Multimedia Victoria also works closely with the ICT industry, education and training providers, and the wider business community.  Range of information on ICT including links to peak bodies, courses, careers.