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Why study HISTORY?

History is the practice of understanding and making meaning of the past.  It is also the study of the problems of establishing and representing that meaning.  It is a synthesising discipline which draws upon most elements of knowledge and human experience.  Students learn about their historical past, their shared history and the people, ideas and events that have created present societies and cultures.

VCE History builds a conceptual and historic framework within which students can develop an understanding of the issues of their own time and place.  It seeks to extend students’ cultural, economic, social and political understanding while developing analytical skills and using imagination.

The study of History at VCE level is relevant to students with a wide range of expectations, including those who wish to pursue formal study at tertiary level, as well as providing valuable knowledge and skills for an understanding of the underpinnings of contemporary society.

 (Extracted from V.C.A.A. Study Summary: History 2006-2009)

HISTORY – industry & related information

www.aas.asn.au Australian Anthropological Society Inc – provides a good overview of the work of anthropologists.

www.australianarchaeologicalassociation.com.au Australian Archaeological Association – links to education providers and work experience organisations.

www.aiccm.org.au Australian Institute for the Conservation of Cultural Material – information about the work and specialized areas of conservators.

www.alia.org.au Australian Library and Information Association – contains useful careers information, job descriptions and profiles of people in the industry.

www.culturalconservation.unimelb.edu.au Centre for Cultural Materials Conservation – provides information about the work of the Centre, as well as information for potential students.

www.education.vic.gov.au Department of Education & Early Childhood Development – information about teaching careers and opportunities.

www.naa.gov.au National Archives of Australia – good site that details the work of the National Archives and includes information for students and educational resources.  Also details of the National History Challenge competition.

www.ngv.vic.gov.au National Gallery of Victoria – downloadable educational resources and on-line activities.

www.nattrust.com.au National Trust of Australia – information on educational programs, work of the National Trust and getting involved.

www.slv.vic.gov.au State Library of Victoria – Educational programs and professional development for teachers.