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Why Study Biology?

Biology is the study of living things – from complex multi-cellular organisms to single celled micro-organisms.  It is a study of relationships between living things, their interdependence, their interactions with the non-living environment, and the processes that maintain life and ensure its continuity.

Modern biology draws on specialized fields of bioscience such as biochemistry, neuroscience, genetics, evolutionary biology, behavioural science and cell and molecular biology.  It also makes connections with the disciplines of physics, chemistry, Earth and space sciences in exploring the nature of past and present life and the possibility of life forms beyond our planet.

Students acquire skills of inquiry that help them to critically examine issues that arise in their own lives and the wider society, such as the implications associated with the application of biological techniques and technologies.  They will be able to work collaboratively and yet state their own views from an informed position.

The study of biology prepares students for continuing studies in bioscience and entry into the workforce in a wide range of careers.  Much of our economic activity is generated through advances in bioscience research, in environmental, medical and associated biotechnologies, and in parallel sciences such as bioinformatics.

(Extracted from V.C.A.A. Study Summary: Biology 2006-2009)

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