I'm an Associate Professor and Department Chair of Philosophy at St. Catherine University in Saint Paul, Minnesota.

I teach a wide range of courses, including Ethics, Food Ethics, Environmental Ethics, Biomedical Ethics, Logic, and interdisciplinary courses with colleagues on topics like Animal Ethics, Asian Philosophy, and Effective Altruism. My aim in teaching is to help students see how philosophy connects with their lives outside the classroom.

I work on issues in practical ethics, mostly to do with the ethics of eating animals, food ethics more broadly, environmental ethics, and effective altruism. In my thinking I work to attend to contexts in which we make use of moral terms as a way to bring out details I worry we often overlook in engaging with ethical issues.

Bob Fischer and I lead the Society for the Study of Ethics and Animals, John Powell and I lead the North American Wittgenstein Society, and I'm the faculty advisor for the St. Kate's student group Advocating For Animals.

I do a good bit of public outreach, mostly around the ethics of eating animals, by engaging with communities impacted by factory farming, giving public talks and serving on panel discussions, writing op-eds and letters, and volunteering with animal advocacy organizations. I'm currently on the Minnesota State Council of the Humane Society of the United States where I work on farm animal issues.

I live in Saint Paul, Minnesota with my partner Michelle and our cat Bubs. When I'm not doing philosophy, I like to ride my bike, take transit, and cook and eat tasty plant-based Ethiopian, Nepali, Szechuan, and Cambodian food.