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2017 National test dates:

Wed 3rd May

Tutorial & Lesson 1

Thu 4th May

Tutorial & Lesson 1

Fri 5th May

Tutorial & Lesson 1

Year 7

Numeracy Procedural

Numeracy Reasoning

Literacy Reading

Year 8

Numeracy Procedural

Numeracy Reasoning

Year 9

Numeracy Reasoning

Numeracy Procedural

     Current whole school literacy focus: Decoding

RS2 - Reading Strategies - use a range of strategies, e.g. speed reading, close reading, annotation, prediction, to skim texts for gist, key ideas and themes, and scan for detailed information

RC2/4/5 - Comprehension - responding to what has been read

Current whole school Numeracy focus: number skills

        N5 - use appropriate strategies for multiplication and division
              N13 - multiply and divide whole numbers and decimals

Literacy and numeracy skills are essential in life. Literacy and numeracy provide the foundation for all learning and it is a basic obligation of all schools to equip students with the skills needed to fulfill their potential. 

Educational studies have concluded that:
  • Students skilled in literacy and numeracy are more likely to stay in full time education

  • Students skilled in literacy and numeracy are more likely as adults be more productive and earn higher wages

  • Improving students’ literacy and numeracy can have a positive effect on their confidence

  • Improving students’ literacy and numeracy can raise their ability to deal with every-day tasks, as well as their lifelong learning and health. 
The purpose of this web page is to provide information and resources to support staff, students and parents. 

We hope you find it useful.

Miss Rowe  
KS3 Progress Leader   

Mrs Blake
Head of Skills (Acting)

Mr Hopkin
Numeracy Champion

Mrs Baskerville
Literacy  Champion

Mr Patalano
Digital Competence  Champion