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Search to find videos to show in yo
ur class. Titles can also be found through Destiny. If you are a new user, you need to set up an account. It's easy!

Pictures and Clipart
From the Library of Congress, find pictures, art, illustrations, photographs, and so much more...many of it copyright free. But still, be sure to cite your sources!

Searching the Internet

Internet (Web) Directory - An organized list of
websites. Examples of directories are Internet Public Library, Yahoo, and DMOZ.
Search Engine - SE's are software that are created to search/find information on a topic on the Web. Google Search is an example.
Internet - Inter-connected computer networks all using the same a set of protocols (rules) so they can communicate.
Web (World Wide Web) - Interlinked hypertext documents (web pages/web sites).

Find information on math, geography, foreign
es, games, and more. It's an internet directory and a search engine...all in one! It's an almanac, thesaurus, dictionary, and encyclopedia. You'll find games, and be able to save your search results (so you don't have to look for them again). and thesaurus

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Cool Science News
From the Smithsonian Institute!

Vermont History Resources

Vermont resources at the Library of Congress