1    Students will be provided with a variety of teaching and learning experiences.

·         Learning experiences must be relevant to students, taking into account cultural differences and individual needs.

·         Teaching strategies and techniques should recognise different learning styles, e.g. collaborative learning.

·         Emphasis is on strategies and thinking skills, including mental development.

·         Mathematical language is an essential part of mathematics programmes and should be incorporated at all levels.


2    The school-wide programme will be effectively planned and delivered.

·         All strands of the curriculum will be covered, with a major emphasis on Numeracy

·         The mathematics programme will provide regular opportunities for…

-      regular practice and consolidation of number knowledge

-      problem solving and mathematical investigations

-      pupils to be challenged

-      pupil use of concrete materials, print and use of technology

-      co-operative learning

-      maths recovery or extension for children with special needs and abilities

-      development of a range of mental strategies to solve problems

-      pupil recording of their thinking

-      maths games and learning activities.

-      a strong knowledge of basic facts

-      experiences that effectively develop new learning

 3     A variety of relevant assessment practices will be used.


4          Instructional mathematics lessons will be a part of our daily programme and will include:

·         focused planning and quality teaching of numeracy

·         maintenance of other strands

·         strategy teaching and use of knowledge books

·         practise of new learning through supporting activities

·         mental exercises and problem solving

·         teacher/pupil use of concrete materials, text and technology (as appropriate).

·         feedback and feed-forward about learning, both from and to students

·         Use of “I can” sheets



5          A variety of needs-based resources will be provided for teacher and pupil use.


6          Teachers will be given opportunities for professional development in maths, based on their needs.