Senior Hub 2 Weekly Goals

Year 7  Term 4 Weeks 1-5

must do/ can do



1. Passion Project of your choice to be presented by the end of term.

2. Take a screenshot of each step in your inquiry and post on your blog. Seek feedback from your classmates. Conference with the teacher.

3. Children using Steps spelling programme need to be on everyday for at least 20 minutes

4. Novel Presentations need to be ready to present by Thursday please.

5. New novel study, to be completed by the end of Week 5.

6. Organise a book to read during Silent Reading, due to people not on the right thing during this time there will be no devices used at this time.

7.Creative Writing

Using Writing Prompts doc shared with you or your own choice create pieces of creative writing to be posted on your blog. All drafts must be written in literacy books first.

8. God Strand- Research the term ‘Mystery of God’ - What does it mean. How is it applied? What does it mean in for us in the 21st Century?

9. Science Density Find out what density in Science is, conduct experiments and share your findings with us. Here’s a great website for this :

10. Are you ready for Camp? Complete pre-camp homework task (doc shared with you) by the end of week 4.

  1. Write in a genre of your choice. Seek feedback and then post on your blog.

  2. Go on Mathletics, studyladder or e-ako (you can choose your pathway)

  3. Make a 10-20 question quiz in Kahoot suitable for Senior Hub 2 to use

  4. READ other’s blog posts and make positive and constructive comments

  5. - use one of these videos to inspire a presentation, blog post, piece of writing. Etc…

  6. Create an instructional video on a maths strategy. Use it to teach a concept to other children.

  7. Animate the Gospel of the week using Lego or stop motion etc. Share on NZ Catholic FB page (See Mr C)

  8. Research the Trinity - Try and explain it to the best of your ability - using art or video