Year 8 Weekly Planning

Week 7 & 8 Learning Intentions

Over the next two weeks we are doing an integrated unit called 'Our Impact'. This will be most of our class time, it includes re, maths, literacy, arts, technology, social sciences, science and inquiry learning. There are 3 different aspects that we are exploring, the first being issues in the world and how we can bring about change. The second being how can we make a positive impact on our school. Lastly how we can improve ourselves, which will be around learning a new skill. A big part of this unit is looking at our self-management skills too.

Year 8 Week 5 & 6 Term 4 Learning Intentions

This shows the main learning intentions for the week, and how they relate to the rubrics the children will be using to show where they are at. These would be best used to start a discussion about your child's learning.