For New Staff

Welcome to St Joseph's School

During your induction you will need to receive:
  • keys
  • a code for the alarm
  • a photocopier code
  • your laptop
We use Google Apps for Education and you will be sent your school email address.  You will also be set up with logins for our student management system MUSAC Edge, E-Asttle and Hapara dashboard for students.

We store all our teacher planning in a shared planning folder and you will be linked to this in due course.

Our teacher only day will provide you with a beginning scaffold to get started at St Joseph's.  The following links will help you get the idea of how we do things and it would be helpful if you could have a look through these before our teacher only day:

You will also have personal and group time with the principal and your syndicate leader and have ongoing support from senior leadership.  Like any school the first few weeks of term will be about setting up your classes, making class treaties, setting expectations, and looking at key competencies.  We also usually spend that time focusing on our Dominican charism.

We work in hubs with two classes and two teachers paired together.  There is freedom within the hubs to decide how best to work it for your students.  Most hubs share the learning groupings and move them around every few weeks so that both teachers know all the children.  It is most important that you work in with your hub partner before the start of term so that you have some shared planning and a collaborative approach to teaching and learning.