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  • Just in case you haven't got the time or resources to read OPEN, I will share one of my goals from each chapter with you as I read it. Click here to take you to this post on my new blog site
    Posted May 2, 2014, 10:37 PM by Jenny Hawkins Jackson
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The purpose of this site is:

1. For teachers at St Joseph's School in Oamaru to reflect, collaborate and grow as proactive 21st Century educators.
2.To share and collaborate with other educators.
3.To share and collaborate with our school community.

The change from ONE to MANY technology was closely followed by the Reformation, Renaissance and the birth of modern science.

The change to MANY to MANY technology has already happened.  
We don't know the effects of this change yet - 
we do know that educators will be partially responsible for the effects.


 1440     The Guttenberg Printing Press was completed leading to an unprecedented knowledge from from ONE to MANY    
 1500 Printing presses established across Europe
 1517 Luther's publications led to the REFORMATION
 1540+ Start of the scientific revolution, birth of modern science, rejection of 2000 year old "scientific" understandings.
 1450-1600 Renaissance

 Late 1900's Internet became established as a means of communication - unprecedented knowledge flow from MANY to MANY.  All of our students have only known this world.
 Early 2000's Rapid development of technology and networking capacity.

The change to MANY to MANY technology has already happened.  We have a responsibility....

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