Welcome to the home page for our second grade class!  I'm very excited to begin this school year.  We have 14 students in second grade this year.  

Here are some things you need to know about second grade at St. John's Lutheran School...
- We make a habit of practicing forgiveness and grace in our classroom and beyond.
-  A new list of spelling words and memory work comes out each Thursday in the Thursday folders.   The spelling test and memory work will be done every Friday of the next week, so your child has 8 days (including the weekend) to study the words and memorize the verses.
-  If the temperature outside is below 50 degrees, your child will be asked to wear a jacket at recess. If he or she does not have a jacket with them, they will be asked to borrow one out of the lost and  found.
-  Water bottles are encouraged.  I prefer one that does not have a twist off top (I really like the top you pull up to open).


Spelling Lists & Memory Work

This is a very cool news aggregator that displays world headlines by degree of interest from Internet searches/views.  Check it out!