The night before Christmas_Musical

Hello everyone!

This blog is for you to practice the songs for the Christmas Musical we will perform at the end of the year. 

Each Form has to practice 2 songs: a specific song  and one extra song - Let's all cheer!- that everyone in Junior must sing.
Forms 1: The Mince pie song
Forms 2: How do you introduce yourself to Father Christmas?
Forms 3: The night before Christmas
Forms 4: Where did Rudolph go?
Forms 5: What's out there in the snow?
Everyone: Let's all cheer

This musical depend on you, you will be the performers, dancers, actors, musicians... Keep working hard so you can give a wonderful presentation.

A short video based on the musical :)

Songs Forms 1,2,3,4,5

Snowflake dance

The night before christmas lyrics

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