St. John Learning at Home Page

Message from the Principal:

Hello, St. John families. Welcome to the home page that will serve as our Learning at Home portal. While we have been used to eLearning when school is canceled due to bad weather, we now know that school can be canceled for many reasons (pandemics, power outages, planned Professional Development days, bad weather). We also know that just because the school building is closed does not mean that learning needs to stop. Thus, we now think of learning at school and learning at home.

This website is your starting point for Learning at Home. Whatever the reason is why you are not in the building today, this is where you can begin your Learning at Home. Much of the content of your lessons will be delivered through SeeSaw (preschool) and Google Classroom (K-8th), but this is the place where you will begin. To the left you will see links for each of the teachers. Lessons will be assigned based on the actual day of school you are experiencing. This means that Mrs. Barr will assign PE lessons if your class would have had PE today; Mrs. Wilkinson, Mr. Eiler, Pastor Mike , and Mr. Schroeder will assign music lessons if today is a music day, and your classroom teacher will assign lessons for Christian Living and all other classes you would have had if you were in the building. Due dates will be posted with the assignments and in most cases you can expect the work to be due the next day.

Your teachers are ready to teach and help you learn. Communication is key for Learning at Home just as it is for Learning at School. The teachers have listed on their page the best times and ways for you to communicate with them. Students - reach out to your teachers if you have a question! Parents - reach out to the teacher if your child is stuck or if you have a question. The teachers are more than ready to help as long as they know what question you have.


• Additional communication for Preschool will come through SeeSaw.

• Additional communication for grades K-8 will come through Google classroom.

• The students should be proficient in accessing these online platforms.

• For families using phones or tablets at home, Google Classroom works best when the following apps are downloaded: Classroom, Drive, Docs, and Slides.

• The class schedule of the day missed will be followed as closely as possible. Classroom teachers will provide lessons for all subjects they would teach on that day.

• Mrs. Myers will continue to provide services for her students according to a separate resource schedule.

• Mrs. Barr will provide PE assignments on PE days and Mrs. Wilkinson, Mr. Eiler, Mr. Schroeder, and Pastor DiSanto will provide music lessons on music days.

• Online sessions will be scheduled for individual students and for entire class situations.

• A coordinated schedule will be provided should the entire school need to move to Learning at Home.

• School laptops will be available to check out for extended Learning at Home situations.

• A similar process will be used for planned and weather-related closures (formerly called eLearning).

Here is our full Learning at Home document:

Learning at Home Plan

Frequently Used Links: Click on the name to go to that website.

Moby Max: Students can do both assignments from their teacher and general review and practice.

Read Works: Teachers often assign reading passages for students.

Flip Grid: Student interaction through posting short videos.