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Percussion Resources

Ms. Ciccotelli from Lincoln School (retired) demonstrates a terrific warm-up to practice every day to develop your technique and learn your scales. Use the proper grip and good wrist mechanics to play with a good sound.

Mallet Warm-Up

Trepak by the Lincoln Percussion Ensemble

Lincoln Percussion Ensemble runs Trepak, 5th rehearsal 2016-2017

Mr. Bachmann from Emerson School demonstrates the proper grip and stroke for snare drum. This is the same grip used in mallet performance.

Snare Drum Grip

Snare Drum Stroke

First Notes on the Drum

Snare Drum Warm-Up for Beginners

Snare Drum Warm-Up #2

Introduction to the Drum Roll

Demonstration recordings for "Rudimental Rally," Snare Drum Solo on page 36 of Book 1, provided by Ryan Jacobi.