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Instrument Care

Your instrument conveys to the world the music that you have inside. Take good care of it! 

Prevention is the first step in taking care of your instrument. My rule is that your instrument should be in your hands or in the case!It can also be placed on a stand that is designed to hold it securely. 

If you play a wind instrument, clean your mouth before you play! Brushing is best, otherwise rinse thoroughly. No candy or gum before you play, sugar gums up valves and causes pads to stick. 

Trumpet Care
Purchase a trumpet mouthpiece cleaning brush, flexible cleaning brush and valve for trumpet, valve cleaning rod.

Flute Care
Thank you to Emerson band teacher Ms. Hestad for recording this helpful video.

Trombone Care
You should have the following items:
Mouthpiece Brush
Slide oil or cream - I prefer "Rapid Comfort" by Slide-O-Mix
Tuning Slide Grease
Cleaning Rod with cloth sheath or a length of old cotton bed sheet cut into a 6 inch by 4 foot strip
Flexible Cleaning Brush
Towel & small clean rag
Every Day: Wipe off the slide and apply a few drops of oil or cream.
Every Week: Clean your mouthpiece with a mouthpiece brush.
Every 1-2 Weeks: Clean your slide with the cleaning rod and/or flexible brush.
Every Month: Wipe off your tuning slide and apply new grease (do not apply tuning slide grease to your hand slide!).
Every Day: Have fun playing your trombone!