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St. James Regional Mission Statement
St. James Regional Catholic School is committed to educating children in a loving, caring, Christ-centered environment where students are encouraged to grow spiritually as well as academically.  As a school community, we strive to create a Catholic Christian community of learning where each student is uniquely valued. Through a strong parent/teacher partnership, educational opportunities and extracurricular activities, each child is encouraged to develop into his or her individual best.

Check out what we are doing this week...

Math: Operation Patterns, Guess and Test, Word Problem Strategies

Spelling: Suffixes of -er, -or, -ess, and -ist
Reading: Fact and Opinion
Grammar: Contractions
Writing: Persuasive Writing
Handwriting: Lowercase Letters

Religion: Liturgical Year

Social Studies: Past, Present and Future Events, Timeline

Science: Adaptations