7th and 8th Grade Assignments

In order to succeed, we must first believe that we can. 
~Nikos Kazantzakis

  • Nothing is impossible, the word itself says “I'm possible”! 
  • ~Audrey Hepburn

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7th Grade Supply List

The following items will be purchased from school:

1 green notebook for Science Fair

1 homework planner

 The following items may be purchased from your local stores:

7 Marble Copybooks (College Ruled) these MUST BE BLACK

1 pack of loose leaf to be handed into Mrs.  Qawasmy

 Index cards (3 x 5)

Portfolio folder (big enough for each subject)

Rulers - 1 (12 inch) and 1 (6 inch)

1 large art pencil case (no plastic boxes)              

Regular pencil case

Pencils and erasers

Black, Blue, and Red pens only for writing in notebooks

1 black gel pen for Art

Colored pens for special projects

Crayons (24)

Colored pencils

Markers (thick and thin)

1 pack of 4 Dry Erase Markers any color

3 Yellow Highlighters (MUST BE YELLOW)

PLEASE NO WHITE OUT (white-out tape is fine)

Glue Stick

White glue

  Safety scissors

Scotch tape

Wireless Mouse

            Clear contact paper for covering notebooks and workbooks

1 XL and 4 Large box socks for textbooks.

**Please have each girl bring in 2 rolls of paper towels and a container of Clorox or Lysol wipes. Each boy please bring in 2 boxes of tissues and a container of baby wipes.

Feel free to email me with any questions at cqawasmy@stjamesregional.com

7th Grade Reading Assignments

You will be required to read two books this summer.  One will be a class read and the other will be a book of your choice.  Your required reading will be The Wednesday War by Gary D. Schmidt.  Everyone is expected to read this one as it will be the topic of discussion and testing in the first weeks of school.  PLEASE BRING THIS BOOK TO SCHOOL.

Assignment for required readingYou will be making a mini-book using the following requirements:

Your book should be constructed using 2 pieces of 8 x 11 computer paper folded in half (wide side to wide side).  You should have a total of 8 pages including front and back


The front cover – draw an illustration for your book (this should be original not the cover of the actual book.  Please include the title and author of the book as well.

On the next page – (back side of your cover) write the bibliographic information for your book (publisher, where the book was published, and copyright date).  Do not use markers on this page as they may bleed through to the cover.  Pencil/pen is fine.

On the next page – give a brief summary of the book (7-10 sentences) Used your neatest handwriting.

The main “spread” – (two facing pages) – of your mini-book should contain an illustration from your favorite chapter of the novel, along with a short summary of this chapter. Please be sure to say why it is your favorite chapter. Illustration on one page and summary on the facing page.  The summary should be 5 full sentences.

The next page – write and define 10 words from the book whose definitions you did not know. (include the page number next to the word)  Suggestion – write down words as you are reading on an index card.

The inside of the back cover – brief paragraph about the author of the book.  You can use the internet to find some interesting facts about your author. (5 sentences)

On the back cover – write a teaser for the book that would entice others to read it.  This of this part as if you were trying to “sell” the novel to others (…a fascinating tale of

romance, chivalry, and intrigue”….etc)

Assignment #2

Choose from the list another book to read:

Courage for Beginners by Karen Harrington.

The Nerdy Dozen by Jeff Miller

Randoms by David Liss


A Wrinkle in Time by Madeleine L’Engle

Powerless by Matthew Cody.

Wonder by R-J Palacio


Design an original book jacket with an illustration of a scene from the book. Write a 10-15 sentence summary detailing the plot of the novel.   Cover and a summary.

Both assignments will be due on Monday, September 10.

Math Assignments were handed out at the end of the school year. These are due back the 10th of Septemeber as well.