Welcome to 6th grade! 
I am Mrs. McCanney!
This will be my fifth 
year at Saint James Regional with the 5/6th-grade team! 
I will be teaching Math, Science and ELA!
A little bit about myself... I am very energetic, I 
am very LOUD,
I am sarcastic to the fullest,
I am 
infatuated with my dogs, 
I have an obsession with Disney and Harry Potter,
I love Dunkin Donuts coffee and iced tea, 
and I love to teach Science/Math/ELA. 
My husband and I will be having a child at the end of October!
And I am overly excited about this one ^^!
My favorite part of Science to teach is the Solar System and Force & Motion! 
My favorite part of Math to teach is fractions! I don't get why everyone hates them.
In my classroom, you will be put to a high standard of respect for God,
one another, and yourself.
                                                                 I am a big believer in community building with the students through journals!
                                                                 So be ready to write a lot in my classroom :)

                                                                This is going to be a great year!
                                                                Email: bmurphy@stjamesregional.com

Mission Statement

Saint James Regional Catholic School is committed to educating children in a loving, caring, Christ-centered environment where students are encouraged to grow spiritually as well as academically. As a school community, we strive to create a Catholic Christian community of learners where each student is uniquely valued. Through a strong parent/teacher partnership, educational opportunities, and extracurricular activities, each child is encouraged to develop into his or her individual best.


Always remember to READ even if it is not assigned for homework. You don't know how much it will help you in the long run!

"I do believe something very MAGICAL 
can happen when you read a good book."
- J.K. Rowling

"The journey of a lifetime starts with turning of a page." - Rachel Anders