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March 20, 2017

**First in Math is required weekly homework for all Honors and Advanced Math students. (See info. across from this section)***

   Grade 8 - Prepare for test on Ch. 6.

Grade 7 -  Terra Nova testing, no homework.

Grade 6 - Terra Nova testing, no homework.

Grade 5 - Terra Nova testing, no homework.

Have a great week!!


**Criteria for Admission

Students being admitted to the Elementary Honors Math Program should meet the following criteria:

1. Consistent scores of 90 or above in Math Composite Score for Standardized Testing (National Percentiles used.)
2. Consistent scores of 80 or above in the Reading Comprehension test of the Standardized Testing.
3. Evidence of above average performances on Mathematics Level Mastery Tests (Diocesan Level Testing). Students admitted from other programs/schools should be tested using back copies of the level test. "Above average performance" is interpreted as a score of 85 or above.
4. Consistent grades of 90 or above in Mathematics on the report card.
5. Cognitive Skills Index falling in the Range of 125 in the Terra Nova Test (or 125 or above in other testing used to indicate ability).
6.  Students are only admitted in Grades 4 and 5.  Admission at an upper grade is only if already in an Honors program and coming from another school.

**This criteria is not arbitrary. Students not meeting these criteria are not to be  admitted to the program without approval.                                                                  

Go to www.mathantics.com for review of various topics.

Continue to practice your Math skills using www.sumdog.com.(New school code is sjrcs)

ANY QUESTIONS PLEASE CONTACT ME AT sdonovan@stjamesregional.com

All classes are required to work at www.firstinmath.com to accumulate 100 stickers per week!

***Students who achieve this will receive 5 points added to the most recent Maintenance.  ***Homework checks (worth 2 points each) are given if not completed.

Supplies needed for all Honors/Advanced Math in 2018 

1 school purchased calculator (most already have)

1 marble copybook of choice with minimum of 72 sheets wide ruled.

1 package of graph paper.  

1 folder.  Can use portfolio if enough room.

Six or twelve inch ruler.

10 Pencils

1 package of paper towels

1 box of tissues.

4 dry erase markers broad tipped.

1 small dry erase - eraser.

1 set of earbuds with attached microphone in a labelled baggie.(needed for Technology Classes also)



Continue to practice your Math skills using www.sumdog.com.(School code is sjrcs)  (new log-ins required)

ANY QUESTIONS PLEASE CONTACT ME AT sdonovan@stjamesregional.com