Welcome to the Orthodox Church of St. Innocent !

Through the prayers of the Martyrs Saints Borys and Hlib, O Lord Jesus Christ, our God, have mercy upon us!
Молитвами святих Мучеників Бориса і Гліба, Господи Ісусе Христе, Боже наш, помилуй нас!

Holy Martyrs Borys and Hlib

Saints Borys and Hlib were the youngest sons of St. Volodymyr The Great (July 15), and Borys was named Roman at his Baptism and Hlib was baptized as David. were the first saints canonized in Kyivs’ka Rus' after the Christianization of the country. After the death of St. Volodymyr The Great, his eldest son, Swyatopolk planned to kill his brothers Borys, Hlib, and Yaroslaw in order to seize power. He sent a message to Borys, pretending that he wished to live in peace with him, and to increase Borys’s land holdings inherited from their father.
Some of Volodymyr’s advisers told Borys that he should take the army and establish himself as ruler of Kyiv. St Borys, however, said that he could never lift his hand against his own brother. Unfortunately, Swyatopolk was not so scrupulous. He came to the town of Vyshhorod to ask its leaders if they were loyal to him. They assured him that they were ready to die for him.
Swyatopolk sent assassins to the Alta to kill Borys, who already knew that his brother wanted him dead. When they arrived they heard him chanting psalms and praying before an icon of Christ. He asked the Lord to strengthen him for the suffering he was about to endure. He also prayed for Swyatopolk, asking God not to count this against him as sin.
Then he lay down upon his couch, and the assassins stabbed him with their lances, and also killed some of Borys’s servants. Wrapping Borys in a cloth, they threw him onto a wagon and drove off with him. When Swyatopolk saw that he was still breathing, he sent some men to finish him off with swords.
St Borys received the crown of martyrdom in 1015. He and his brother Hlib were Glorified by the Orthodox Church of Kyivs'ka-Rus' in 1071 as Passion-Bearers, since they did not resist evil with violence. 
They were interred at the Vyshhorod Cathedral, which was reconsecrated in their name; many other Ukrainian and Russian churches were later named after them.

Schedule of Services


Great Vespers - 5:00 PM

Third and Sixth Hour - 9:30 AM 
Divine Liturgy - 10:00 AM
Followed by coffee hour and fellowship

Feast Days
 Great Vespers - 6:00 PM  Divine Liturgy - 9:00 AM

Healing Moleben 
The third Wednesday of the month - 6:00 PM 

All are welcome to attend!

O Holy Father Innocent, Pray Unto God For Us!
Our Patron Saint Innocent of Alaska - Apostle to North America and Enlightener of Alaska and the Aleutian Islands



We are in NEED of volunteers who will be attending the parish picnic at Gilbert Lake and what they will be bringing to the cookout. We need volunteers to provide the chicken, beef-steaks, another for ground beef, various salads, snacks (chips and salsa), drinks etc. We are also looking for volunteers to man the grills and prep the food as needed. Please sign up on the sheet located on the bulletin board in the back of the church to specify which of the necessary food items you wish to donate.  

July 29th 6:00PM- 30th 11AM -
  First program of the series Mission Vision and the Future of Our Parish - The Very Rev. Jonathan Ivanoff will be our guest speaker. This is being offered to help our St. Innocent parish grow and prosper here in Oneonta!

- July 20th - Moleben and myrovannya - 6:00 PM
Parish Council meeting to follow

-July 25th through July 2
The 26th Annual Hartwick       Seminary Summer Institute of Theology - Fr. Vasil  Dubee will be teaching a course on Orthodoxy titled    "The Eastern Orthodox Church" - His Eminence  Archbishop Michael will be visiting on Thursday, July  28th to teach a seminar on The Righteous and                                             Longsuffering Saint Job.

-August 13th - Church School Conference at The Orthodox Church of St. John the Baptist,  855 Goodman St. South,  Rochester, NY 14620 The conference will begin at 9:00 AM 

-August 27th Great Vespers with His Eminence Archbishop Michael - 5:00 PM - Dinner will follow at the Red Caboose restaurant on Main St. Oneonta.
-August 28th - Hierarchical Divine Liturgy - His Eminence Archbishop Michael will enter the Church at 9:30AM - Parish Picnic will follow at Gilbert Lake State Park - Laurens NY.