Schedule of Services, Feasts and Saints

                              Glory to passion, O Lord!    Слава страстям Твоїм, Господи!                              

                      Glory to Thy Long Suffering, O Lord!    Слава довготерпінню Твоєму Господи!                            

The Sunday Orthodoxy

Despite the teaching about icons defined at the Seventh Ecumenical Council in 787, the Iconoclasts began to trouble the Church again. After the death of the last Iconoclast emperor, Theophilos, his young son Michael III, with his mother the regent Theodora, and Patriarch Methodios, summoned the Synod of Constantinople in 843 to bring peace to the Church. At the end of the first session, all made a triumphal procession from the Church of Blachernae to Hagia Sophia, restoring the icons to the church. This occurred on 11 March, 843 (which that year was the first Sunday of Lent). The Synod decreed that a perpetual feast on the anniversary of that day should be observed each year on the First Sunday of Great Lent, and named the day, "the Sunday of Orthodoxy" (ἡ Κυριακὴ τῆς Ὀρθοδοξίας).[2]

The name "Orthodoxy" has gradually affected the character of the feast. Originally commemorating only the defeat of Iconoclasm, the commemoration has gradually come to be understood in a more general sense as opposition to all heterodoxy. In this way, though its first occasion is not forgotten, the feast has become one in honour of the true Faith in general. This is shown by its special service.

Schedule of Services


Ninth Hour - 4:45 PM

Great Vespers - 5:00 PM

First Hour - 5:45 PM

Third and Sixth Hour - 9:30 AM 
Divine Liturgy - 10:00 AM
Followed by coffee hour and fellowship

Feast Days
 Eve of the Feast - Great Vespers - 6:00 PM  
Feast Days - Third and Sixth Hour - 8:30 AM
Divine Liturgy - 9:00 AM

The third Wednesday of the month - 6:00 PM 
(or if announced otherwise) 

All are welcome to attend any and all services!

O Holy Father Innocent, Pray Unto God For Us!
Святий отче Іннокентіє, моли Бога за нас!
Our Patron Saint Innocent of Alaska - Apostle to North America and Enlightener of Alaska and the Aleutian Islands

Divine Liturgy of the Presanctified Gifts are held at 6 PM on the Wednesdays of Great Lent. 

Sorokousty - Moleben is served every Friday at 6 PM during Great Lent.