Students will be using Foss Modules this year. These science activities will vary from studying levers and pulleys to discovering how landforms were created over time. All fifth grade students will also plan and create a science project for the Andersen Elementary Science Fair.
Students will also receive an agriculture magazine three times throughout the year. 
  • Ag Mag seeks to improve student achievement by applying authentic, agricultural-based content in science, social studies, language arts and nutrition. The Ag Mag cultivates an understanding and appreciation of the food and fiber system that we all rely on every day.
SEPTEMBER:  Setting up ISN for Science Journalling, Periodic Table, and Environments (students learn about different ecosystems, beetles and bugs, controlled experiments) 
OCTOBER: Continuation of Environments
Journey to the Falls Field tripJourney to the Falls (JTF) is an integration of river and classroom experiences featuring history and literacy activities. JTF connects students with Saint Anthony Falls and the Mississippi River in the Minneapolis area. The program culminates with a riverboat excursion on the Mississippi River in Minneapolis that includes hands-on learning stations, journaling and sketching. Journey to the Falls allow students to explore thematic activities including geography, science, art and more. 
         Xcel Energy - Renewable and Nonrenewable energy
Variables (Swingers-pendulums/mass, data, predictions), (Lifeboats- capacity, coordinate graphs), (Plane Sense-systems,             flight, graphs)Some of the most important scientific concepts students learn are the result of their ability to see relationships between objects and events. Relationships always involve interactions, dependencies, and cause and effect. The Variables Module has three investigations that help students discover relationships through controlled experimentation. Students will fling, float and fly objects as they discover relationships in each investigation.
SWINGERS Module - Students experiment with variables that do and do not affect the behavior of pendulums. They graph their results and use their graphs to predict the behavior of additional pendulums.    
LIFEBOATS Module - Students construct a fleet of paper-cup boats and discover how many passengers (pennies) each will hold before sinking. The variables of boat depth and arrangement of passengers are explored.
PLANE SENSE Module - Students construct rubber-band– powered airplanes and fly them on a line. They experiment with a number of variables to see how each affects the distance the plane travels.

Agriculture (AgMag materials used to help students understand agriculture/daily use, process of farm to table, history of farming in  MN, and new techniques in agriculture)
Deep Portage Deep Portage is a 3-day science camp adventure where students will experience a variety of science concepts and topics (Renewable and nonrenewable resources, new technology, types of energy/careers, Human impact, Landforms)  hands-on participation in outdoor science activities.
 Landforms (Understanding bird's eye view, topography, understanding maps, types of landforms, how landforms are created,           effect of human choices, vocabulary: landform, bird's eye view, erosion, deposition, slope, flood, topographic, contours)
 Marvelous Machines
MAY: Oil Slick