First Quarter:    1ST QUARTER GENRE CIRCLE ASSIGNMENT: Due October 30th
PIE 5 students read a lot this year. They will participate in whole class activities using skills determined by our Lucy Calkin's Unit of Study curriculum. Students will be choosing books to read throughout the quarter. Each student will have their own red bag, which is being called their "Ready Bag." The ready bag is always to have inside 2-3 books - per student choice - to read, student's reading response binder, and pencils. Students may also put their homework assignments in the bag so that they are "ready" for the next school day. 

We will spend the next several weeks reading, discussing, and responding to what we read. Students also have a quarterly reading assignment called the GENRE CIRCLE.  Please watch for the Genre directions packet coming home at the end of the first full week of class.

Post-it Assignments: Students will have a bi-weekly reading element focus. Reading elements are determined by our fifth grade standards such as character traits, plot, theme, etc. Students have a yearly Post-it packet in their reading response binder, and they will be asked to find examples of the focus element within a book they are reading. Students will turn in examples of reading element so that Mrs. H. is able to determine if they understand the reading element. If not, students will meet in small groups to practice finding/understanding these important reading elements so that they are successful by the end of the year.

We also take our District test called the FASTBRIDGE tests in literacy and math during the month of September. We analyze the test results and create differentiated activities based on the needs of our classes. Students also take pre and post assessments during our units of study. All assessment data is used to guide your student to becoming a stronger reader.

Second Quarter:  2ND QUARTER GENRE CIRCLE ASSIGNMENT: Due January 9th
Students will continue to read lots of books. We will begin guided reading groups based on skills and needs. The activities are also differentiated in content, text-difficulty, and concepts. Students will continue to build strong reading skills through practice, conversation, and guidance during mini-reading lessons and conferencing.

Third Quarter:   3RD QUARTER GENRE CIRCLE ASSIGNMENT: Due March 14th
     We continue to focus on reading elements both in fiction and non fiction text selections. Students will be learning about and practicing strategies to improve comprehension, especially when taking tests. Students continue guided reading and Post-it activities. We will begin new guided reading groups based on skills and needs. The activities are also differentiated in content, text-difficulty, and concepts. Each group will be reading a different trade book. The reading elements practiced are the same for each group and are determined by our ELOs (literacy standards) and LTs (learning targets where students are able to achieve goals in the "I can" statements. Example: "I can explain what a simile is." and "I can show you examples of similes in our reading work.")

    We take our District FASTBRIDGE and MCA tests this quarter. Students are prepared for these tests as we have practiced all year long learning how to read well and using strategies for both non fiction and fiction selections. Students will begin Reader's Theater activities this quarter.
    Reader's Theatre: Students participate in practicing oral reading skills by selecting a humorous script to read with other students. The students 
practice reading the script, identifying simple props, and setting the stage to present these to another class in our school. This is always a fun event for all.