IMPORTANT :  Fieldtrip to Children's Theater Feb. 19
 Bring lunch from home or purchase a school-made bag lunch.

Lake Elmo Elementary Mission Statement:

Our mission is to ensure that
ALL student
s will succeed 
academically, socially, emotionally and physically,
and we will not stop or give up
until this happens!


My Family as we looked in August of 2016...
Emily (now a sophomore at MCAD), Maddy (now a senior at SAHS),
Jim & Me.
My family... Emily (now a freshman at M.C.A.D, Maddy (now a junior at SAHS, Jim and Me
My cats... Cosmo, Poppy and Sam  (all siblings)
My dog, Chloe  (a 115 pound white German shepherd)
7 year old German Shepherd