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Samsung ChromeBook Cart Schedules & Reservations

Lake Elmo Staff -

If you are looking to reserve a Samsung ChromeBook Cart for your class to use during MCA testing time while the Acer ChromeBooks are locked up, please look at the calendars below to be sure the CBCart you need is available at the specific time/date you are requesting.  Then, fill out the form linked below to request your time(s).  Once I receive your request, I will process it and confirm your time via email.  It will also show up on the Google Calendars below after I process it.  

If you have questions/concerns about cart check outs, please contact me directly:
Mrs. Wink

SPECIAL NOTE:  No check out may be for longer than 1.5 hours unless previously cleared with Mrs. Wink!!!
We have too many classes and not enough devices to allow for long-term checkout at the moment. Thank you for your understanding!

After viewing the calendars below (be sure to scroll down to see all 3 calendars!), click the form link to request time slots:

LE Samsung CB Cart #8 ‎(28 devices)‎

LE Samsung CB Cart #9 ‎‎(28 devices)‎‎

LE Samsung CB Cart #10 ‎(26 devices)‎