Media Center Policies

Materials are checked out to students for a period of one week and may be renewed if there is no waiting list.

· Students in grade K - 1 are allowed to check out one book until master returning books and then will be able to check out two.

· Students in grades 2 – 3 are allowed to check out two books. Third graders will also begin an option of checking out magazines in November.

· Students in grades 4-5 are allowed to check out three books or two books and one magazine.

To prevent books from becoming overdue, students are encouraged to exchange or renew books each week during their regular library time. Students who wish to exchange books more frequently my do so .

Overdue Books

Overdue library books may be returned anytime after the scheduled library class to exchange for new books.

Once a library book becomes two weeks overdue, students are not allowed to check out additional materials until the overdue item is returned. Overdue notices are sent home with your child. If your child feels he/she has received an overdue notice in error, please check with the library staff who will investigate further.

Taking Care of Books

At the beginning of the year, students are taught how to properly care for library books. Guidelines discussed include:

1. Having a special place at home just for library books.

2. Not eating or drinking while reading.

3. Keeping books out of reach of younger children and pets.

4. Turning the pages from the side or top corner instead of the bottom.

5. Carrying books between home and school in a backpack.

6. Using a bookmark instead of bending corners of pages to keep you place.

Lost or Damaged Books

Students are required to pay for lost or damaged library materials. If a lost item is found and returned to the media center after payment, a full refund is given.

Book Selection

Students are encouraged to make their own book selections as part of the learning process to determine which books are right for them. Students take out books for many different and valid reasons. They are encouraged to take many different types of books, both fiction and non fiction. Your child will be encouraged to try to find a book they can read or work on reading and then a free choice book for fun.

Some children may check out a very challenging book as a free choice book, this is part of their library exploration. If you are unhappy with the choice your child makes, discuss it with him or her. Find out why he chose the book. Discuss what might be a better choice next time. The library staff is happy to help you and your child make good reading choices.