1. Students are expected to dress out for every practice (rain or shine - cold or hot).
2. Students will need to check in with Coach Atkins for Role everyday.
3. Please try to make appointments after school (Track is during fourth block, and it is a class).
4. Communicate with your individual coach about concerns.
5. If you have an injury - we have a athletic trainer on site.
6. Have a good attitude
7. Let's WIN.
8. Grading:  Student athletes must participate in regular practices
                       (unless warranted by notice of physician).
                    Missed practices, without notice, may result in a drop in letter grade 
                       (each individual case will be evaluated).
                    Continued absence will fall under Stillwater High School policy.

9. Class Period: During 4th Block (2:30-4:00)

********  CONGRATS to Elissa White for breaking the school record in the High Jump with 5'6"  ********





2017 State Qualifiers

Allyson Spive    Grace Gudgel    Ruth Ford    Stella Tegmeier

Sage Flute    Katie Ray    Elissa White    Kencie Green    Rhiannon Morales

Lauren Dunn    Taylor Tuck    Jazzmin Kloos    Courtney Lucas    

Karlianne Lovelace    Orianna Clements    Zane Masri    Kyle VanDeventer    

Dakota Blankenship    Wes Kinsey    Chris Nelson    Josiah Castleberry    Collin Carter

Matt Stemm    Jacob Evans    Blake Moore    Connor Wilcoxen

Cade Kucko    Trent Bartley    Arthur Bowie






                14TH (Saturday) - UNIVERSITY OF ARKANSAS - INDOOR

                27th (Friday) - ENID INDOOR



                10th (Friday) – ENID OTCA - INDOOR



               4TH (Saturday) – PUTNAM CITY WEST MEET (9:30 AM)

               24th (Friday) – CLAREMORE MEET

               31ST (Friday) – SHS HOME MEET (3:30 PM)



               7th (Friday) – OWASSO RAMS MEET (10:00 AM)

               11TH (Tuesday) – OKLAHOMA BAPTIST UNIVERSITY MEET (9:00 AM)

               14TH (Friday) – BOOKER T. WASHINGTON MEET (2:30 PM)

               21st (Friday) – UNIVERSITY OF OKLAHOMA MEET (9:30 AM)

               27TH (Thursday) – COAC & MOORE HIGH SCHOOL (9:00 AM)



   6th (Saturday) – REGIONAL MEET, (TBA)

   12th/13th (Friday & Saturday) – STATE MEET, (YUKON)



                                  Lady Pioneer Track & Field Records


Event                      Name                                 Record                    Year


100m                     K. McClain                         12.03                      1991

200m                     K. McClain                         25.28                      1992

400m                     Abbie Woods                      58.35                      2012

800m                     A. Haley                             2:16.33                   1994 (STATE CHAMPION)

1600m                   K. Doekson                        5:13.22                    1988

3200m                   K. Doekson                        11:17.56                  1988

100m H                 H. Hutchens                        14.47                       2001

300m H                 K. Wadley                           45.32                      1988

Shot Put                D. McClain                          42’7”                     1998 (STATE CHAMPION)

Discus                   D. McClain                         138’11”                  1999 (STATE CHAMPION)

                              D. McClain                         143’3”                    2000 (STATE CHAMPION)

                              D. McClain                         145’2”                    2000

Long Jump            Lydia Murray                      18’10”                    1980

Triple Jump           Jill Ireland                           34’12”                    2000

High Jump            Elissa White                         5'6"                        2017 (Regional Meet)                            

Pole Vault             Jamie Lillie                          11'0"                       2000                                                                                                                                                                       Becca Worthy                      11'0"                       2014 (State Meet)                                                                                

400m Relay           Icy Brown                           49.3                         2003

                              Leah Broadway

                              Megan Lenhart

                              Monica Bowers

800m Relay           Megan Lenhart                   1:44.6                      2001

                               Chic Colbert

                               Leah Broadway

                               Hallie Hutchens

1600m Relay          Hallie  Hutchens                4:01.57                    1999

                               Chic Colbert

                               Jill Ireland

                               Shelby Hutchens

3200m Relay         Edgely, Stover                    9:47.97                     1993

                               Martin, Haley


                                        Pioneer Track & Field Records


Event                      Name                           Record                       Year


100m                     Tommy Maule              10.25                          1976

200m                     Ty Smith                       21.44                          2014                                    

400m                     Wendel Jefferson          47.40                          1994

800m                     Lance Allred                 1:53.9                         1990

1600m                   Andrew Tower              4:23                            2003

3200m                   Noah Gade                    9:28.22                       2012 (FSU Relays)                                                                                               

110m HH              Nathaniel Winfrey         13.92                          2009

300m IH                Nathaniel Winfrey         37.78                          2009 (State Meet)                                                                                                 

Shot Put                 Jerry Cinchan                56’8”                         1978

Discus                   Artie Smith                    180’4.5”                     1989

Long Jump            Brandon Prather            23' 5 1/2"                    2013 (STATE CHAMPION)                                              

Triple Jump           Jay Vowell                     42’4”                          1987

High Jump            Zach Frank                     6’8”                            1992

                              Harold Hartfield             6'8"                            2006

Pole Vault             Mark Stewart                  13’6”                          2001

400m Relay          Cameron Mayberry         41.70                          2015 (COAC Meet)

                              Jordan Brown                  

                              Brandon Prather

                              Ty Smith

800m Relay          Cameron Mayberry         1:27.0                         2015 (COAC Meet)

                              Jordan Brown                  

                              Brandon Prather

                              Ty Smith

1600m Relay         Richard Nassar               3:19.21                        2001

                              Eric Mesa

                              Tevin Williams

                              Jimmy Gibbs

3200m Relay         Jordan, Barton                 8:02                            1977

                              Biehler, Van Zant


Coaches - Rusty Atkins (405) 714-0442 (Sprints/Jumps)

                 Dwayne Hudson (Shot & Discus)

                 Heather Mastin (Mid-Distance/Distance)

                 Paul Grant (Sprints/Jumps)