The NCAA Eligibility Center whose role is to process and track all high school students pursuing athletic participation at any NCAA Division I or II institution.  Students must register with the eligibility center in order to be considered for NCAA Div. I or II acceptance.  It is highly recommended that students register by the junior year of high school.  

            Students pursuing a Division I institution need to complete 16 core courses (English, science, math, social sciences), earn a minimum 2.3 (C) grade point average (GPA) in those core courses and also take a national ACT/SAT test.  The higher the core GPA, the lower the ACT/SAT score can be.  For example, if a student's core GPA is 2.3, s/he must achieve at least a 19 on the ACT or a 900 on the SAT.  A complete listing of correlating test scores/GPAs can be found at the link at the bottom of page 2.       

Beginning August 1, 2020, (Class of 2020 and after,)to become a full or partial qualifier for Division II, all college-bound student-athletes must complete the 16 core-course requirement. Beginning August 1, 2020, Division II will use a sliding scale to match test scores and core-course grade-point averages (GPA). The sliding scale for those requirements is shown on Page No. 2.   The new reference sheet is attached under files and links.  

 For Division II, students must to complete 16 core courses, earn a minimum 2.2 GPA, Division II currently requires 16 core courses. The sliding scale for those requirements is shown on Page No. 2.   The new reference sheet is attached under files and links.   See the chart below.

Note #1:

Foreign languages count toward the 16 core courses but do not replace any of the other cores.  Computer courses do not count for qualifying courses.  There are other select electives that can also count toward that core GPA.  Only NCAA Eligibility Center can approve a course.  A complete listing of qualifying courses can be found on the 48H Form which is linked to this website.

Note #2: While ACT/SAT scores do appear on high school transcripts, this format is not honored by the Eligibility Center.  A student, when signing up for the National ACT/SAT, needs to put the NCAA as one of the college choices.  This will automatically ensure that ACT/SAT will direct these scores to the NCAA in the legal format.  The NCAA code is 9999.  ACT/SAT will send the test scores to the Eligibility Center as soon as scores are released.  This needs to be done with each ACT/SAT test.  In other words, if the student takes the ACT/SAT multiple times, s/he should re-enter the 9999 code for every test that s/he wants submitted to NCAA.

How do I register with the NCAA Eligibility Center?

1.      Go to eligibilitycenter.org

       and set up an account.  The student will then be required to pay $90.

2.      Complete the "Amateur Questionnaire".  This can be completed any time after the account has been activated.

3.       Please advise the high school of your account and then the high school will immediately send 1 current transcript to the Eligibility Center for processing.  

5.      The second transcript (the student's final transcript) will be sent upon graduation.

6.      At this point, the NCAA will render final decision regarding eligibility.  A student must graduate "on time" (4 years) from high school in order to be eligible.  This is a requirement whether a student wants to participate in NCAA Division I or Division II athletics. 

Still confused?  Do you have questions that weren't answered here?

The SHS Guidance Department is equipped to help you find answers to all of your questions.  It is highly recommended that your child stay in continual contact with his/her guidance counselor to make sure s/he is on track to fulfill all of the requirements that go along with NCAA athletic pursuits.





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