Class of 2019 motto:
Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail 
Ralph Waldo Emerson

General Information for Seniors

  • Not going to college and need to make a plan for "adulting"?
  1. Payne County Youth Services (serving youth through age of 21)
  2. Payne County resources you'll need
  3. Transitional Living brochure
  • Reminders for college-bound students:
  1. Apply for college NOW...OSU deadline is February 1.
  2. This is a good website for students who are looking for the liberal arts experience at a smaller school.
  3. Accept your scholarships NOW--do not wait until deadline.
  4. If you have been offered financial support from a school you're not going to attend, notify them so that the money can be freed to offer to other students with financial need.
  5. Sign up for new-student orientation (Mandatory)--do the 2-day version, if available.
  6. Let your college know if you will be living on campus or not.
  • Links for Concurrent & OSU-bound students:
  1. Concurrent enrollment questions? Brett Rowh or call 405-744-1393
  2. Application/Enrollment/In-Coming Freshman questions? Ben Hagan or call/text 405-385-3653
  3. Department of Leadership and Campus Life
  4. Pete's Pet Posse (therapy animals)
  5. OSU Student Counseling Outreach Services
  6. OSU New Student Orientation & Enrollment and First Year Success
  7. University College Advising and LASSO Center (tutoring and first-year success resources)
Interested in Tulsa University?  See document attached below for great 2019 opportunities.
    Senior Class Calendar & Reminders

    • Feb. 16 = Admitted Student Day @ OSU 
    • Feb. 18 = No School (Professional Development for teachers)
    • Feb. 28 = Jostens reps in SHS Student Center, 10am-1pm, cap/gown/announcement distribution (must have bill paid in full to receive your items)
    • Mar. 1 = Jostens reps in SHS Student Center, 10am-1pm, cap/gown/announcement distribution (must have bill paid in full to receive your items)
    • Mar. 4 = Senior Class meeting (not mandatory), SHS Student Center, 10am-10:55am--everything you need to know will be posted on this webpage.
    • Mar. 18-22 = No School (Spring Break)
    • Apr. 26 = No School
    • May 3 = No School
    • May 17 = Senior Walk/Senior PICnic (see attached document below)
    • May 22-23 = Finals
    • May 24 = Grad practice and Commencement 2019 (see attached document below for complete information...Questions? Email Jennifer White )
    Senior Class Sponsors

    Jennifer White (SHS) and Lori Liles (Lincoln)
    Commencement 2019
    • For an overview of May events: Senior Walk, Senior PICnic, grad practice, and graduation ceremony (May 24, 2019), see attached document at the bottom of this page. The commencement begins at 7:00pm this year.
    • Project Graduation Contacts:
    Tracy O’Connell405.612.4428 or
    Laura Clark405.714.8296 or

    • Official photographers for SHS commencement: Genesee Photo Systems, Stillwater, OK, 405-624-1002. 
    Ordering Cap/Gown/Accoutrements
    Jostens reps will be in SHS Student Center, 10a-1p, Feb. 28 & Mar. 1.
    If you need a Jostens packet (to order cap/gown), you may retrieve one from the SHS Main Office.

    The window for ordering cap/gown/etc. is open. Right now you have 2 options for placing your order:
    1. Mail in the completed form with deposit/payment.
    2. Call our Jostens reps in Edmond: 1-405-607-4343 ext. 0
    Do NOT call the national 1-800 number

    • If you have specific questions about ordering, you must contact Jostens directly.  No one at SHS/Lincoln can answer your questions.  (Do NOT call the national 1-800 number) Call our Jostens representatives in Edmond at     1-405-607-4343 ext. 0
        Order FAQs:
    1. Is attending commencement mandatory?  No.
    2. Who do I give the $$ to?  Only Jostens can accept your payment(s).  No SPS employee will accept or be responsible for your orders/payments. Do not attempt to drop off any Jostens paperwork/money.  They will be denied.  Stillwater Public Schools will not be held responsible for any lost forms/money dropped off or delivered anywhere on SHS/LA campuses.
    3. How do I order a class ring? You will have to work directly with Jostens through Jostens' jewelry website or through our Jostens representatives in Edmond  (1-405-607-4343 ext. 0)
    4. Can I just rent a cap/gown?  No.
    5. Do I have to make a $50 dollar deposit if my total cost is less than that amount?  No.
    6. Can I just order a cap/gown? Absolutely--tassels come with the cap. ($48.16 includes tax)--increasing late fees kick in on Saturday, December 1.  Prices rise $10/month from then on.  If you wait to order in May, your cap/gown will cost you over $100. 
    7. Do I have to order a cap/gown, or can I borrow one from a friend? You do not have to order anything if you can borrow one from an SHS graduate who graduated 2010-2018.
    8. I have a gown, I just need a cap/tassel: No problem; just place that order.
    9. What tassel can I wear at commencement? If you order a cap, the tassel comes with it; however, you can wear any blue/gold tassel purchased from Jostens.
    10. When will my stuff arrive?  You should call the Edmond office at 
      1-405-607-4343 ext. 0   (Caps/gowns/tassels/announcements will arrive in early spring--watch the announcements & this webpage; other senior gear like shirts will arrive at your home address shortly after your bill is fully paid.) 
      Do NOT call the national 1-800 number
    11. What if I can't pay the full amount right now?  Talk to a Jostens rep (1-405-607-4343 ext. 0 ); many people set up a payment plan. You won't receive your merchandise until your balance is $0. Do NOT call the national 1-800 number
    12. Have a question not answered here?  Call the Edmond office: 1-405-607-4343 ext. 0 (do not call the national 1-800 number). (Order-specific questions can only be answered by Jostens representatives.)  
    13. If you are having any issues with Jostens' customer service, please contact Jennifer White or Uwe Gordon
    Ordering Information
    • Need to talk to a Jostens representative
    1-405-607-4343 ext. 0
    Do NOT call the national 1-800 number
    • No one at SHS/Lincoln can answer specific order questions (we don't work for Jostens)... you will have to contact the Edmond Jostens office to discuss payments, shipments, orders, deliveries, and so on. 
    1-405-607-4343 ext. 0
    Do NOT call the national 1-800 number
    Jennifer White,
    Oct 1, 2018, 1:13 PM
    Jennifer White,
    Oct 30, 2018, 7:19 AM
    Jennifer White,
    Jan 15, 2019, 12:47 PM