Class of 2019 motto:
Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.   
Ralph Waldo Emerson

General Information for Seniors

    1. Any qualified senior taking an "on SHS campus" OSU concurrent class next Spring--tuition and fee are free (savings of about $1000-1200 per class).
    2. Courses offered on SHS campus next spring: Speech Communications, Psychology, American History, and Creative Writing.
    3. Low income/minority seniors who have qualified for OSU and are interested in concurrent enrollment can receive financial assistance (ex: books, parking pass, etc...).
    4. MANDATORY MEETING if you are taking CONCURRENT CLASSES in the spring; Tuesday, October 23, SHS Presentation Room, lunch period. 
  • Not going to college and need to make a plan for "adulting"?
  1. Payne County Youth Services (serving youth through age of 21)
  2. Payne County resources you'll need
  3. Transitional Living brochure
  • Reminders for college-bound students:
  1. Apply for college NOW...OSU deadline is November 1 if you are hoping for OSU scholarship $$.
  2. This is a good website for students who are looking for the liberal arts experience at a smaller school.
  3. Accept your scholarships NOW--do not wait until deadline.
  4. If you have been offered financial support from a school you're not going to attend, notify them so that the money can be freed to offer to other students with financial need.
  5. Sign up for new-student orientation (Mandatory)--do the 2-day version, if available.
  6. Let your college know if you will be living on campus or not.
  • Links for OSU-bound students:
  1. Department of Leadership and Campus Life
  2. Pete's Pet Posse (therapy animals)
  3. OSU Student Counseling Outreach Services
  4. OSU New Student Orientation & Enrollment and First Year Success
  5. University College Advising and LASSO Center (tutoring and first-year success resources)
    Senior Class Calendar, Activities, & Reminders

    NEW INFO: Senior Write Night attendees must enter through EAST DOORS of Student Center.  They will need student ID to be "buzzed in" by Mrs. White.

    • MANDATORY MEETING: if you are taking CONCURRENT CLASSES in the spring--EVEN IF YOU ARE ALREADY ENROLLED, THIS MEETING IS MANDATORY--Tuesday, October 23, SHS Presentation Room, lunch period--if you can't be there, you MUST contact your guidance counselor before then.
    • SENIOR PORTRAITS FOR YEARBOOK ARE DUE BY TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 20, 2018!   If you are planning on submitting a picture taken by an outside agency, you need to get those done now.  If you don't submit the picture by November 20, the picture taken at school will be used. Questions?  Problems? Contact Curtis Davis at 

    • Oct. 18-19 = End of Term 1--No school
    • Oct. 22 = Senior Write Night6p-8p, SHS Library, must have student ID
    • Oct. 23 = MANDATORY CONCURRENT MEETING, SHS Presentation Room, 12:10p-12:40pm
    • Oct. 24 = Senior Write Night: 6p-8p, SHS Library, must have student ID
    • Oct. 24 = Picture Re-Takes: Missed Picture Day?  This is your chance, Journalism Room 
    • Oct. 25 = Senior Circle: SHS Stadium 40-ish minutes after the game--SENIORS ONLY (meet on the field for a brief ceremony--1st 140 SENIORS get a keepsake tumbler)
    • Oct. 27 = ACT: SHS Student Center (MUST BRING: picture ID, hard copy of ACT Ticket WITH PICTURE on ticket)
    • Oct. 30 = Hear OU Prez speak in Tulsa--must register by Oct. 26. Need more info?  Call (405) 325-2151 or email
    • Oct. 29-31 = Senior Write Night6p-8p, SHS Library, must have student ID
    • Dec. 19 & 20 = Finals

    Senior Class Sponsors

    Jennifer White (SHS) and Lori Liles (Lincoln)
    Commencement 2019
    • For an overview of May events: Senior Walk, Senior PICnic, grad practice, and graduation ceremony (May 24, 2019), see attached document at the bottom of this page. The commencement begins at 7:00pm this year.
    • Project Graduation Contacts:
    Tracy O’Connell405.612.4428 or
    Laura Clark405.714.8296 or
    [Monthly meeting notes attached at bottom of this webpage]
    • Official photographers for SHS commencement: Genesee Photo Systems, Stillwater, OK, 405-624-1002. 
    Ordering Cap/Gown/Accoutrements
    If you need a Jostens packet (to order cap/gown), you may retrieve one from the SHS Main Office.

    The window for ordering cap/gown/etc. is open. Right now you have 3 options for placing your order:
    1. Mail in the completed form with deposit/payment.
    2. Go to the Jostens website and place your order.
    3. Call our Jostens reps in Edmond: 1-405-607-4343 ext. 0
    Do NOT call the national 1-800 number

    • If you have specific questions about ordering, you must contact Jostens directly.  No one at SHS/Lincoln can answer your questions.  (Do NOT call the national 1-800 number) Call our Jostens representatives in Edmond at     1-405-607-4343 ext. 0
        Order FAQs:
    1. Is attending commencement mandatory?  No.
    2. Who do I give the $$ to?  Only Jostens can accept your payment(s).  No SPS employee will accept or be responsible for your orders/payments. Do not attempt to drop off any Jostens paperwork/money.  They will be denied.  Stillwater Public Schools will not be held responsible for any lost forms/money dropped off or delivered anywhere on SHS/LA campuses.
    3. How do I order a class ring? You will have to work directly with Jostens through Jostens' jewelry website or through our Jostens representatives in Edmond  (1-405-607-4343 ext. 0)
    4. Can I just rent a cap/gown?  No.
    5. Do I have to make a $50 dollar deposit if my total cost is less than that amount?  No.
    6. Can I just order a cap/gown? Absolutely--tassels come with the cap. ($48.16 includes tax)--increasing late fees kick in on Saturday, December 1.  Prices rise $10/month from then on.  If you wait to order in May, your cap/gown will cost you over $100. 
    7. Do I have to order a cap/gown, or can I borrow one from a friend? You do not have to order anything if you can borrow one from an SHS graduate who graduated 2010-2018.
    8. I have a gown, I just need a cap/tassel: No problem; just place that order.
    9. What tassel can I wear at commencement? If you order a cap, the tassel comes with it; however, you can wear any blue/gold tassel purchased from Jostens.
    10. When will my stuff arrive?  You should call the Edmond office at 
      1-405-607-4343 ext. 0   (Caps/gowns/tassels/announcements will arrive in early spring--watch the announcements & this webpage; other senior gear like shirts will arrive at your home address shortly after your bill is fully paid.) 
      Do NOT call the national 1-800 number
    11. What if I can't pay the full amount right now?  Talk to a Jostens rep (1-405-607-4343 ext. 0 ); many people set up a payment plan. You won't receive your merchandise until your balance is $0. Do NOT call the national 1-800 number
    12. Have a question not answered here?  Call the Edmond office: 1-405-607-4343 ext. 0 (do not call the national 1-800 number). (Order-specific questions can only be answered by Jostens representatives.)  
    13. If you are having any issues with Jostens' customer service, please contact Jennifer White or Uwe Gordon
    Ordering Information
    • Need to talk to a Jostens representative
    1-405-607-4343 ext. 0
    Do NOT call the national 1-800 number
    • No one at SHS/Lincoln can answer specific order questions (we don't work for Jostens)... you will have to contact the Edmond Jostens office to discuss payments, shipments, orders, deliveries, and so on. 
    1-405-607-4343 ext. 0
    Do NOT call the national 1-800 number
    Jennifer White,
    Oct 1, 2018, 1:13 PM
    Jennifer White,
    Oct 18, 2018, 7:48 AM