Class of 2018 motto:
Every accomplishment begins with the decision to try.   
John F. Kennedy
General Information for Seniors
  • Looking for summer employment?  If you are enrolled with NOC or OSU for Fall 2018, call CATHY STOOPS (Facilities Mgmt. Dept.) at (405) 744-7162 (your duties would range from cleaning rooms to painting to replacing carpet--residential hall maintenance-type stuff)
  • Not going to college and need to make a plan for "adulting"?
  1. Payne County Youth Services (serving youth through age of 21)
  2. Payne County resources you'll need
  3. Transitional Living brochure
  • Reminders for college-bound students:
  1. Accept your scholarships NOW--do not wait until deadline.
  2. If you have been offered financial support from a school you're not going to attend, notify them so that the money can be freed to offer to other students with financial need.
  3. Sign up for new-student orientation (Mandatory)--do the 2-day version, if available.
  4. Let your college know if you will be living on campus or not. Do this NOW.
  • Links for OSU-bound students:
  1. Department of Leadership and Campus Life
  2. Pete's Pet Posse (therapy animals)
  3. OSU Student Counseling Outreach Services
  4. OSU New Student Orientation & Enrollment and First Year Success
  5. University College Advising and LASSO Center (tutoring and first-year success resources)
    Senior Class Activities & Reminders
    • Professional photos taken at Commencement 2018.  
    Genesee Photo Systems (located in Stillwater: 405.624.1002 - 800.345.7427)They should be contacting you soon (if your senior filled out the green card at commencement).
    • If you have ANY outstanding fees owed to SPS, you cannot receive your diploma until ALL fees are cleared.  Take care of this now.
    • 1 week after graduation, your SPS digital accounts are deleted (even your SPS Google Drive account).  If there is anything you want to save, transfer those files BEFORE graduation.
    • If you need the Senior Checklist or another copy of the Senior Handbook given at Senior Consultation, the document is attached at the bottom of this webpage.
    • For yearbook portrait info, visit Mr. Davis' webpage or contact Mr. Davis at
    • For scholarship opportunities, visit Mrs. Zamborsky's webpage or contact her at
    • For an overview of Senior Walk, grad practice, and graduation ceremony (May 25, 2018), see attached document at the bottom of this page. 
    Senior Class Contacts
    Senior Activities Sponsor (the fun stuff): Ashley Cook

    Senior Meetings/Graduation Sponsors:
    Jennifer White (SHS) and Lori Liles (Lincoln)
    Commencement 2018
    • For an overview of May events: Senior Walk, Senior PICnic, grad practice, and graduation ceremony (May 25, 2018), see attached document at the bottom of this page. 
    • Cap/Gown/Announcement distribution: If you missed pickup, and your balance is paid, get your stuff in the SHS MAIN OFFICE ONLY. (If you have an outstanding balance, pay that off and then Jostens will send your stuff.) At this point, all orders paid in full will be mailed directly to your home.
    Ordering Cap/Gown/Accoutrements
    The window for ordering cap/gown/etc. is open.  You may order any time via one of the following methods:
    1. Do not use the national Jostens link or phone number.
    2. Call our Jostens representatives in Edmond at 
    • Just now ordering cap/gown? You're is the new cost for you:
    $94.95 (May 1-May 25)
    • If you have specific questions about ordering, you must contact Jostens directly.  No one at SHS/Lincoln can answer your questions.  (Do NOT call the national 1-800 number) Call our Jostens representatives in Edmond at 1-405-607-4343-0
         Order FAQs:
    1. Who do I give the $$ to?  Only Jostens can accept your payment(s).  No SPS employee will accept or be responsible for your orders/payments.
    2. How do I order a class ring? You will have to work directly with Jostens through the Jostens' jewelry website or through our Jostens representatives in Edmond  (1-405-607-4343-0)
    3. Can I just order a cap/gown? Absolutely. (Package D--$36.95 + $7.95 S/H)--increasing late fees kick in after December 15, 2017.
    4. Can I just rent a cap/gown?  No.
    5. Do I have to make a $50 dollar deposit if my total cost is less than that amount?  No.
    6. Do I have to order a cap/gown, or can I borrow one from a friend? You do not have to order anything if you can borrow one from an SHS graduate who graduated 2010-2017.
    7. Is attending commencement mandatory?  No.
    8. What tassel can I wear at commencement? If you order a cap, the tassel comes with it; however, you can wear any blue/gold tassel purchased from Jostens.
    9. When will my stuff arrive?  You should call the Edmond office at 
    1. What if I can't pay the full amount right now?  Talk to a Jostens rep (1-405-607-4343-0 ); many people set up a payment plan. You won't receive your merchandise until your balance is $0.
    2. Have a question not answered here?  Call the Edmond office: 1-405-607-4343-0 (do not call the national 1-800 number). (Order-specific questions can only be answered by Jostens representatives.)  If you are having any issues with Jostens' customer service, please contact Jennifer White or Uwe Gordon
    Ordering Information
    • Need to talk to a Jostens representative
    • No one at SHS/Lincoln can answer specific order questions (we don't work for Jostens)... you will have to contact the Edmond Jostens office to discuss payments, shipments, orders, deliveries, and so on. 
    Jennifer White,
    May 16, 2018, 8:43 AM
    Jennifer White,
    Oct 2, 2017, 8:18 AM