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St. Ignatius Parish Website

This site allows students, parents, & teachers to search for accelerated reader books.

Terrific math practice! Find the topic we are learning in class and practice, practice, practice!!!

At this sight, you can tour the Mayflower, learn about the journey to America and life in America for the pilgrims & 
Wampanoag Indians, and other interesting information.

This site can help you learn your spelling words. It can also test you to see if you're ready for the test!

This site has a game called Cash Out to practice making change.

This site is a great way to learn about our government.

Timed facts practice - You can print your results at the end of your session, if you want.

This is the site we use in math class to explore 3D shapes


Colonial (civilian) Uniform

British Redcoat Uniform
Remember to color your illustration as close to the real uniform as possible.

This site shows step by step how to do long division.

PA Fun Facts

Practice telling time.

Practice telling time to the one minute.

The Food Chain Game

This site lets you identify simple machines around the house and that make up compound machines.

Elapsed Time part 1 ~ This was used in class.

Elapsed Time part 2 ~ This was used in class.

Elapsed Time part 3 ~ This was used in class.

Elapsed Time part 4 ~ This was used in class.

Elapsed Time demonstrated by 2 children. (similar strategy as shown in class)

Elapsed Time part 5 ~ This is another strategy to figure out elapsed time.