When it is your child's turn to bring in a snack for the class, please send in enough to last one week. Snack examples: One large bag of popcorn and one bag of pretzels, gold fish, apple slices (in small baggies), cheese balls, grapes, cheese and crackers, or anything that is not too messy(:
     The children thank you very much!!!!!

Please read your AR book every day...even on the weekends. Also, your parent should sign the pink log every time you read!!!!

Rocket Math should be practiced every day!!! You will get faster at your multiplication facts with practice(:

 ****Please sign, help your child correct and return all tests!!!!

Read, Read, Read...it's more fun than watching TV(:

Practice multiplication and division every night!

Everyone has tested out of 2,3, 4,5, 6, 7,10 and 11 times tables!!! Keep practicing...in the car, at the grocery store, jumping rope, or anytime(:

Derek, Colin, Ava, Sadie, Anna, Joseph, Mason, Anthony, Natalya, Keira, Luke,Delaney, Gianna,Cassidy, and Jonathan have tested out of all their multiplication facts!!!!!!!! Wait...that is everyone!!!!! Fantastic(:

Derek, Colin, Ava, Joseph, Sadie, and Anthony have test out of all their division facts!!!!!! Wow!!! Way to go!!!  They all said they studied like crazzzzzzy!

Read for AR-A parent must sign your reading log(:Make reading a good daily habit(: Reading is fun!!! Yes, even on the weekends!

Reflex math-get the green light(: Play at least 3x's a week!!!!
**** The class realized how much faster they are with their math fact fluency after playing Reflex. Everyone is faster and meeting their goal with Rocket Math!!!! Way to go!!!

Read, read, read! It's more fun than watching Sponge Bob!!!
Come in ready to test on a book after your looooong weekend(:

***Work on January's Religion award.

Spelling-List 16 
               FMW-island, telephone
               Letter to Mickey Mouse is due Tuesday. (The class took a vote) Please follow the directions in your copy-
               book. Use your best handwriting and follow the correct letter format using the packet. Remember you only have to use the challenge words and frequently misspelled words in your letter.

Social Studies-Test Wednesday
                           Study the packet and vocabulary for immigration.

Reading-***Read and find a poem for Poetry Night. It must be approved by
                Talk to your parents about an extra talent you might want to share                     as well. It also must be approved by me(; 
               ****You DO NOT need to share an extra talent, however, you must
                 memorize a poem. Do not be afraid of long poems. We have a lot of
                  time to practice before May 28.

English-Review the parts of a friendly letter.
               Test tomorrow.

S.S.-Test Wednesday
         Study the packet and vocabulary.
        *****I handed out the immigration project today. Please review it with 
          your child. They will need your help researching their family history.
          They are very excited to begin this project and learn more about
          their ancestors.


Elise Lytz,
Dec 18, 2019, 10:32 AM