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Welcome to the St. Hugo Art Room

Student Art Town 

 Congratulations to the following students who participated in the “Student Art Town” exhibit on February 10th at the  Birmingham Community House: Leah Krzeszewski, Lindsey Schwegman, Ada Kowalewski, Ryan Wells, Elle Ervin and Meghan Ferrara. Meghan won first place in the Middle School Division! Great job, everyone!

STEAM Banner Winners:
Grades K - 3: 1st Place- Anna Joulakh, Gr 3, 2nd Place- Madison Monroe, Gr 3, 3rd Place- Parker Sabbagh, Gr 1, Grades 4 - 8: 1st Place- Mia Mojares, Gr 7, 2nd Place- Bianca Giglio, Gr 7, 3rd Place- Catherine Carter, Gr 7. 

Oakland County’s 2018 Clean Water Calendar Contest:

Special Acknowledgements: Jason Gumma, Keira Maher, Addison Smidt, Jamie Thomas and Caroline Torok.  Honorable Mentions: Siena Jankowski and Ada Kowalewski. And finally, we have two monthly winners: Owen Zidar and Abby Chaiyasate. The monthly winners are invited to attend an award ceremony at the Cranbook Institute of Science. Every Grade 4 and 5 student, as well as teachers and staff, will receive a complimentary calendar. Fantastic job, everyone!

 Click through the slideshow below to take a tour of our fabulous digital art gallery or click on each grade's page to view a slideshow of creations and artists in action. Enjoy!

Created with flickr slideshow.

In this class, we work in different areas such as Drawing, Painting, Ceramics and Sculpture.  

We also:

  • Talk about how art is created or made.

  • Learn about the history and cultural backgrounds behind works of art.

  • Discuss what makes art beautiful or not.  What is art? What are our feelings about the artwork?

  • Describe the objects, colors, lines, patterns and textures that we see in art.

As an art class, we work together to make this an exciting, innovative and safe environment to create art. I strongly encourage creativity, self-expression and imagination in my art room!


1.  Be ready and prepared to begin class.

2.  Follow directions. (Be an active listener.)

3.  Respect yourself, other students, teacher, tools, materials and the art room.

4.  Be safe.  (Includes using safe movements in the classroom and using tools and materials properly and as directed).

5.  Do your personal best and give it your all!  (Work your hardest and try not to compare yourself with others.)

If students engage in aggressive or disrespectful behavior, I follow the Mean Behavior Rubric in the handbook. There will be consequences for inappropriate actions which can include notes or calls home, indoor lunches or losing art privileges. Please see the attached Powerpoint below that will explain my classroom set-up and management plan, in addition to class descriptions.

I look forward to guiding all students towards self-expression, creativity and their own personal interpretations of the world around us. Parents, please don't hesitate to contact me if there are any suggestions, comments or concerns. I am truly thankful for the opportunity to work with such an excellent student body.


Ms. Anna Bitzinger

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