¡Bienvenidos a la clase de español!

At St. Hugo of the Hills School, the Spanish language program is designed to help students build a foundation of language learning skills. Throughout the year, K-8 students will communicate and build comprehension in Spanish through oral, written, listening, and reading activities. All students are exposed to cultural aspects of the Spanish speaking world to see authentic language use and to examine and appreciate diverse cultures and their own. 

In Spanish class, students are challenged to make connections with other disciplines, to compare and contrast with their own language and experiences, and to use the language in the classroom and in the larger community. I look forward to working with St. Hugo students at various levels of their Spanish language development. ¡Como seguidores de Jesucristo, debe ser diferente con nosotros! (As followers of Jesus, it must be different with us!)
Señorita Drlik      

In Kindergarten through 5th grade, students begin their Spanish language journey through learning vocabulary and basic grammatical concepts. They will acquire and hone their language learning skills through oral and written practice. These activities span from Spanish songs and games to creative mini-projects. Each year during grades K-3, students will learn in depth about a specific Spanish-speaking country and many aspects of its culture and people. In 4th grade, the main themes are "A Year in Spanish" and "Spanish at Home," through which we study various elements of a year in the Spanish-speaking world (seasons, dates, holidays, weather, etc) and how Spanish is used in a home setting. 5th grade Spanish students learn about the history of Spanish and how it relates to them, and then about using Spanish to describe various aspects of the world around them (people, animals, geography, etc).
In 6th grade and junior high Spanish (7th and 8th grades), students continue to strengthen their foundation of Spanish language skills (speaking, reading, writing, and listening) in a proficiency-based classroom. The Holt, Rinehart ad Winston textbook, Exprésate 1is introduced to complement their learning and help prepare students for a beginning high school Spanish course and frequent Spanish-speaking during class is emphasized. Additionally, students will be formally and informally assessed throughout the year to gauge their language and cultural proficiency.

Students will be challenged to build their Spanish language abilities through a variety of engaging activities and projects, such as creating Spanish "Wanted" posters and designing and writing about "La casa de mis sueños" (My Dream House). Spanish-speaking culture is examined at a deeper level, as students learn about Hispanic and Latino products and perspectives and make thoughtful cultural comparisons.