The 2018 St. Hugo Science Exchange was a success!


  Join over 100 St. Hugo students as they stretch the limits and achieve!

The experience of doing a science fair project can be integral to your child’s education. The educational benefits are numerous as your child develops skills in problem-solving, research, disciplined investigation, creative thinking, writing, and oral presentations.

The St. Hugo Science Exchange is completely voluntary and will include students in grades 3-8. This will be a student-centered activity with parental guidance. This event is extracurricular and will not be linked to academic progress reports. Directed classroom time will not be dedicated to this activity. Participants must use the scientific method to either support or not support a theory.

All projects will be on display in the school gymnasium throughout the day of the Science Exchange, as well as be displayed for some of St. Hugo masses following the event. In addition, any participants in the science fair may enter the Science and Engineering Fair of Metro Detroit.

No school funds are used to host the Science Exchange, and as a result, there will be a fee of $20.00 per child to participate. This is necessary to offset the costs of setting up and running the Science Exchange.  Any support in the form of volunteering or additional resources would be greatly appreciated.

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