Welcome to Junior High Math!

My name is Meghan Carter.  I have been teaching seventh and eighth grade math at St. Hugo since 2008 and love helping our middle school students gain a solid foundation in Algebra.

Teaching is my second career.  I worked for many years in the commercial construction industry after having earned by Civil Engineering Degree and am now using my extensive practical math experiences in my math classrooms. 

My teaching philosophy in teaching math is process based where we focus on understanding the process of math concepts rather than simply memorization.  My goal is to give every student a solid foundation in Algebra as they head into high school, setting themselves up for success.

Although I do not believe in giving large amounts of homework, regular nightly homework is a very important factor in student's individual learning and mastery of math concepts. 

As each student's primary instructor in math, I am a dedicated partner on each student's team, with the student and his/her parents, to work together toward the student's success in middle school math. 

St. Hugo Mission Statement
The missing of St. Hugo of the Hills School is to provide students with an educational environment in which the teachings of the Catholic faith are instilled, nurtured and demonstrated.  These teachings constitute an integral part of the school's academic program and the St. Hugo school community. Strengthened by the values inherent in these teachings, students and staff are challenged to live with the convictions that, as followers of Jesus, It Must Be Different With Us.