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  • To the teachers
     The trip cannot be complete without saying a Big Thankyou to Mr Jarvis, Mr. Parfit, Mrs. Hiskey and Mrs. Hancocks. All your efforts and time are extremely appreciated. Thankyou for taking such good care and giving some very memorable time to Aryan and all his friends.  Aryan's Mum.
    A big Thankyou from me too! Looking forward to go on the trip again next year!! Aryan.
    Posted 7 Jul 2012, 07:38 by Dale Collins
  • ***Thank you from us to the Teachers**
    This is Lola's Mum, I thank you for taking great care of Lola (and school pals) x Hey this is Lola here!!! A big thank you to Mrs Hiskey, Mr Parfit, Mrs Hancocks and Mr Jarvis!! We all had a great time (especially me)!!!! 

    Posted 7 Jul 2012, 02:25 by Dale Collins
  • Thank You! (from Broghan)
    thank you for the wonderful trip i cant wait to eat all my chocolate!! it was an unforgettable experience and i found out i was in 13 photos, so my certificate was right!! 

    Thank you to all the teachers who had to put up with my: madness, stereo heart (for Mr Jarvis) and insanity!

    looking froward to seeing everyone on Monday. From Broghan  
    Posted 6 Jul 2012, 12:42 by Dale Collins
  • To all the teachers!!!! (from Nidhi)
    Thank you for taking us on this lovely trip. I really enjoyed and had great fun on this one week trip!!!!
    Thank you for organizing and spending your precious time with us!!!
    Posted 6 Jul 2012, 11:05 by Dale Collins
  • To all of the teachers
    Thank you for taking us on the school trip we had a wonderful time. Thank you it has been a memorable time.
    Thanks from Sian
    Posted 6 Jul 2012, 10:57 by Dale Collins
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The slideshow above includes a selection of our pictures from the week. Please read our blogs to the left to see (almost) everything we've been up to!

School Forum

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  • Sports day gets competitive......Giving Usain a run for his money!
    Yesterday Year 6 were given another challenge by Miss Evans.  This time we had to design silver and bronze certificates for the Phase 2 and 3 sports day. Once again we realised that there was rather a lot involved in this task.  We had to think carefully about what was written on the certificate and the overall look of it.  We were also only given around 45 minutes.  You may think that it is plenty of time; but we discovered it really wasn't because time flies when you're having fun!  We are waiting to hear the results of the competition.  Who do you think will win?  

    We are finally drawing some conclusions from our maths investigation.  Whilst we are not really as fast as Usain, there are a few children who are giving him a run for his money.  Our fastest time was under 17 seconds.  Not too bad we think, when you compare it to Usain's 9.58 seconds, and that we don't have a running track!  
    We also found out a fascinating fact.  Apparently Usain eats chicken nuggets before he is involved in an important race.  Do you think it's true? We think he probably eats runner beans!!  Very funny!

    So that's all from us!
    We are still thinking about that chocolate!

    Can't wait to see you on Monday because we are really missing you. 
    All of the Phase 4 teachers hope that we are ready to get on with the show next week!

    Best wishes from the rest of Year 6.

    PS.  We are having a fun swimming session today!  So exciting!  

    Posted 6 Jul 2012, 02:31 by Dale Collins
  • To you all
    Wishing you a speedy, safe return.  I have planned some more grammar and punctuation lessons after reading some of your posts -hee hee!
    Shakespearian insult of the day (again, directed to nobody in particular):
    Thou art a beslubbering, mangled, hedge-born, beetle-headed, common-kissing maltworm, coated in weather-bitten measles.
    On that pleasant note, anon.
    Mrs Merchant
    P.S Say 'tata' to Shakespeare for me
    Posted 5 Jul 2012, 14:15 by Dale Collins
  • Literacy on the Residential Trip
    Elian: Mr Jarvis, you know the chocolate what we bought this morning?

    Mr Jarvis: Elian, stop. You give me a sentence in English and I'll answer it.....

    Elian: (cogs turning) You know the chocolate what we buyed this morning?

    Mr Jarvis: (Cries...)
    Posted 5 Jul 2012, 13:46 by Dale Collins
  • Message from the rest of year 6 and Mrs Anderson
    Hello everybody! Wow what a great time you all seem to be having! 

    We have created our own getaway in French today! We chose a francophone country each (in groups of 4 or 5) and found as much information as we could in the time we had - all the computers in school are burning hot with their use for “mathletics” - we had to wrestle some of the teachers for a slot to do our research! The results were pretty impressive! We created posters with beautiful pictures, maps (so we can find our way when we escape to these amazing places!), special foods (we don't want to go hungry!), exotic animals (some were a bit like the ones you handled the other day!) and much more!

    Have a fabulous end to your trip and see you all next week!

    Mrs Anderson and the rest of year 6
    Posted 5 Jul 2012, 09:59 by Dale Collins
  • Message from Mr. Parfitt's class
    Hello Mr. Parfitt.
    We hope you are having a wonderful sunny time on the trip.  We are missing you but we're having an awesome time with Mrs. Merchant and Mr. Budd.  We did some writing to apply to be the Dr. Who's assistant.  The prize was lesson 4 off, and Joe won!  We did science today, learning about forces and friction.  We did an argument about friction being good or bad using the "Shark" words. We are going out next lesson to practise for Sports Day.
    See you next week
    From Your Class 
    Posted 5 Jul 2012, 06:30 by Dale Collins
  • Hi All ! Just on my break so thought I would say Hi.
    Hope you are all having a fab time, just like we are back here at St Helen's. It is very quiet in the After School club without you know who I mean....Have fun and it looks like you're doing loads, Hope Mr Jarvis and Mr Parfit are being good, hee hee, as I know you children are ! See you on Monday Mrs Crisp x
    Posted 5 Jul 2012, 22:24 by Dale Collins
  • Authors in the making.....Magnificent maths too!!
    Another busy first lesson.  Phew!

    We started the lesson with amazing 'mathletics' news.  We have four classes in the top 50 in the UK.  So very impressive!  And... it gets even better......... Miss Collins' class were 35th in the WORLD.  Year five and six there is now pressure on us!  We also had year 6 'teachers' working with the younger children to get them started.  We have some wonderful mini-teachers in year 6!  

    We are going to follow up our maths investigation today, so we will let you know if there are any potential Olympiads!  

    We are also busy designing and making new Mr Men books, which we hope to share with some younger children.  We have realised just how much work there is in designing and making a brand new book, with attractive illustrations.  We have also learned how important it is to proof read our work.and that includes the adults too!  

    Best wishes from all of us here!
    We'll send another post later.

    The amazing remaining year 6s.  
    Posted 5 Jul 2012, 02:36 by Dale Collins
  • Are you faster than Usain Bolt? And a few other things....
    The rest of year 6s have been having a very busy time. 
    The title of today's maths investigation was to find out if we are faster than Usain!  Miss Shete told us that if any of us were, she would be contacting the Olympic Committee today! Now as you know, unfortunatley we do not have a 100m running track, so we used the 10m sections of the netball court and used multiplication to find out.  Not sure if this is totally fair but........... 
    Interesting fact, (well Miss Shete thinks it is) on his last record breaking run, Usain Bolt only used 40 strides to run 100m, so that means each of his strides was 2.5m.  Now that is incredible!  Quick school journey maths task; how wide is your stride??? 
    Yesterday we went to the 'Dr Who experience'.  We absolutely loved it but some of us were just a little bit scared....! We wished you could have come with us.  Do you think you would have been scared?
    My class, you will be delighted to know that the whole school (apart from reception) is now logged on to Mathletics.  There is great competition between the classes, and Miss Collins' class was number 41 in the UK yesterday!  Come on!  St Helen's is the best!
    It looks like you are having a brilliant time.  We love the photos. We thought that the photo of Mikolay with the tarantula was amazing.  Miss Shete thought he was very brave.  Of course, she could have easily held it too! 
    We really look forward to seeing you next week, and can't wait to share the chocolate from Cadburys World!  
    Best wishes
    The rest of Year 6. 
    Posted 5 Jul 2012, 22:28 by Dale Collins
  • Greetings from Mrs Wylie
    Hi there!

    At last I have finally been able to log on. It has been great to follow your blog and pictures.

    I have to say, I have been pretty envious of your journey so far. Well, and going to Cadbury's World too! That is so unfair...... I sound like a sulky teenager!

    We are all missing you. 

    Mrs Hiskey, if I had a pound for all the children lining up for spare kit on Monday, then I would be able to retire instead of at 68!!

    Mrs Hancocks- your new sports leaders have got the T-shirts all ready outside the ICT  room in your box. So well trained!

    Mr Parfitt- Your class have been really amazing, especially in Dance when we joined up with Mrs Merchant. So good at acting sad as Icarus. Don't ask them about their feathers falling off, and sinking into the sea! Your class, after much pestering, have now got their passwords and user names for Mathletics!
     Phase 3 is missing Mr P...... Well some of them are!
    Your class can now argue for England thanks to Mrs Merchant and the SHARK!!!
    Swimming will be next Monday, and not Wednesday for the year 4s,  due to the Olympic Sports Day. Miss Evans is busy working hard on this and it sounds really amazing. I am sad that I will miss it, hopefully there will loads of photos. (Hint hint Mr Parfitt!)

    Mr Jarvis- Hope you have not been taking Mr Parfitt off for a run! He needs more work on the street dance DVD!! Hope the children are all behaving for you.


    I don't know how I will manage without all of Mr Babbs' class in RE tomorrow..... perhaps we will have a philosophical debates about big life questions instead!! Sounds a bit deep for lesson 3 on a Thursday. 

    Don't eat too many of those snacks (like Josie) mmmmm it looked good!

    Enjoy the rest of your school journey. It will be something you really cherish when you look back on your school days!*

    Goodness on that note (I am sounding really ancient now)* I had better get on with some exciting marking of numeracy... sorry Miss Shete!
    We are all loving Mathletics! Hope you all get the chance to play as soon as you get back, it is really addictive,and my class love spending their credits, all becoming shopaholics!

    Have fun!
    Mrs Wylie

    Posted 5 Jul 2012, 22:32 by Dale Collins
  • Important, significant, fundamental questions of the day
    Message from Mr Budd and Mrs Merchant.
    Hello! Aloha! Good morrow!  How now, my Lords and Ladies! We hope that Shakespeare was a pleasant chap when you met him yesterday.  The classroom is much tidier when you are away, but we miss your irrelevant questions, the singing of the same song over and over again, scissor-eating and twittering!
    But, how is Mr Kiwi? Has he joined in with all of the activities? Did he eat all his breakfast? (Kiwi fruit).  These are, surely, the most important questions of the day. Can Mrs Hiskey come back early? Methinks we cannot work the photocopier, and there is a huge queue of children wanting spare trainers. Alack!
    We are enjoying the photographs.  Why is someone carrying a huge, black labrador outside 'Ye Olde Bottle and Glass' inn?
    Mr Budd beseeches you (very dodgy Shakespearian) to keep practising your songs.  'Ripe, strawberries ripe!'
    Mrs Merchant requests chocolate from Cadbury's world. Someone has just eaten her last chocolate finger. This is a tragedy (Can you spot the Shakespearian theme running through our message?  - level 6.)
    So, to conclude, therefore, a Shakespearian insult of the day, directed at no-one in particular:
    'Thou art a greasy talker, ill-roasted like an egg, a pottle-deep foot-licking pigeon and a spongy villain.'
    We do humbly thank you. Prithee, anon, cheerio,
    Mrs Merchant and Mr Budd
    Posted 5 Jul 2012, 22:34 by Dale Collins
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