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Language Structures

The language structures developed at St Helen’s are a carefully designed collection of sentence types which – once learnt – can be deployed by children in their efforts to write to explain, describe, compare, argue, entertain and so on.  These standard sentence level templates free-up writers to think about original content without having to juggle concerns about form and phrasing, about how to begin.  Each language structure has a linked animal; pupils soon start describing with chameleon language, comparing with zebra language and deducing with bat language!  Armed with varied, effective, form-appropriate sentence starts and patterns, the most easily perturbed young writers find themselves empowered – in control of their prose. 

There is a charge of £60 ex VAT per school to access these resources.  Once purchased, a link to the resources will be provided and resources can be downloaded freely for any member of staff within the school to use.  We reserve the right to update these resources at any time and will guarantee access to them for the period of at least one year after purchase.

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These resources were adapted from "Progression in Language Structures" a
resource developed by Tower Hamlets Learning & Achievement Service.  

Good Practice Guides

Improving Writing in the Early Years - based on our work in the school year 2013/2014.
Read about how we improved our EYFS writing results from 48% to 72% in one year.  Download the guide below.


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