May 7, Tyler Goodwin

Daily Dispatch from Kenya

May 7, 2009


Tyler Goodwin


            Once again our day began at the lovely time of seven in the morning.  I really love getting up early everyday here in Africa because I hate sleeping in. I think that it is only in America where I sleep in.  We finished breakfast and hurried to our room because Fred reminded us the night before that the mini-vans were leaving at 7:40 sharp, no ifs, ands or buts.  We have been getting on the road a bit late the last few days.  It’s mainly because of our room being late, Teddy, Arteen, Abel, and myself. Abel is the worst of us, and the other morning as we were pulling out, he jumped in at the very last second.


            Today Tracy came with Rachel and I to Kahuho Primary. Today was an easy day. Rachel had 2 classes today 8:20 and 8:55 and I had 2 also, at 8:20 and 11:30. After Rachel had finished teaching today, she and Tracy decided to leave me and go to Lipela, the orphanage that we went to earlier in the week. After I finished my last class I walked to meet them there. What I didn’t know though, was that there was a shortcut that I could’ve taken and it would’ve taken me only about 15 minutes. Instead I walked down to the main road and all the way around which took me 40 minutes. Wonderful!  But then again, I love to walk.

            We spent our time at Lipela playing with the kids, like pushing them on the swings and going down the slide. Towards the end of when we were leaving, it started to rain. We thought it would come and go because it wasn’t raining that hard while we were there. Luckily for us, we were way wrong. The woman at Lipella, Stella said that she would lead us back to the road using a shortcut, but she took us to the wrong road. I think she misunderstood us with our broken Kiswahili.  (This is another good reason for anyone doing the Kenya Internship to learn the language!)  The shortcut she led us right back to Kahuho, and luckily for us, it started to rain again. Now the road from Kahuho to the road we needed was beginning to get really muddy, and our feet started to get stuck in the soil and we were sliding all over the place. We reached the main road where we normally meet the mini-van.  Arteen and Caitlyn were supposed to meet us there as well, and we waited. And waited.  Soon we were all really wet so we decided to start walking.  From the drop off spot it’s about a 2-hour walk to Batian’s View. A lovely 2-hour walk actually, especially when it’s raining. The first part of the road was all uphill, and that is when it really began to pour.  And it kept pouring and pouring. The wind was blowing strongly and it even hailed at one point. I had pants and a polo on but no jacket or sweatshirt. The rain kept coming and it seemed like it never let up. The three of us were drenched through every article of clothing we had. At one point we all started getting nervous because we wondered if the mini-van had forgotten us. Finally our vehicle came around the curve and picked us up. It was 3:20 PM, the exact time that we were supposed to be picked up.

            We happily climbed in the mini-van, drenched and shivering.  We then drove back to the original pick up point to wait for Arteen and Caitlyn. Those two, however, had waited out the rain at their school, Tigithi.  They began walking just as the rain began until one of their teachers caught up with them and told them to return to the school.  Lucky for them their teacher knew when a real soaker was on the way, and didn’t want them to be caught in the middle of the downpour.  We waited in the car for another hour before they finally joined us, dry as can be save their wet shoes and socks.

            Finally we arrived back at Batian’s View and we rushed change our wet clothing. I threw on all new clothes because everything I was wearing was soaked. I wrung out my shirt and it was as though it had been submerged in a bucket of water.  My dry clothing took away the chill, and after a couple of cups of Kamau’s wonderful chai, I was warm once again.

            All in all, today was a wonderful day. I’m so glad I got completely soaked and drenched today with Rachel and Tracy, and I can now even laugh at our silly situation of trudging up the road in hurricane conditions.  Aside of getting a tad wet, I wouldn’t trade the day for anything.


            Snoochie Boochies.

            Boss.  (aka, Tyler)